CardanoGPT Successfully Launches The First Internet-Enabled Cardano Focused Chatbot on X!

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2 min readJan 11, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of @askgirolamo, A first of its kind and a revolutionary internet-enabled chat and reply bot, specifically designed on everything cardano, Askgirolamo represents a significant leap in digital communication and real time information distribution within the cardano space, offering an intuitive and interactive way to engage with the ecosystem.

The Power of AskGirolamo:

Askgirolamo is not just any chatbot; it’s a gateway to the vast and often complex world of Cardano blockchain. Powered by advanced AI technology, it provides real-time responses and detailed information on a wide range of both past and recent Cardano-related topics. From beginners seeking basic understanding to experts needing up-to-date insights, Askgirolamo is equipped to assist everyone.

How can I interact with this chatBot?

  • Tagging Under Tweets: When you come across a tweet and seek more information or clarification, you can simply tag or mention the chatbot, it will analyze the tweet and provide a detailed, contextually relevant response.
  • Direct Mentions: Have any question about Cardano? Just mention @askgirolamo, ask your question and then tweet, AskGirolamo will give you well thought response. Whether it’s about the latest developments, technical queries, or market insights, the chatbot is designed and trained to respond with helpful information.

Importance in the Cardano Ecosystem:

The launch of Askgirolamo marks a significant milestone in making the Cardano ecosystem more accessible. Its importance lies in:

  • Simplifying Onboarding: For newcomers, cardano blockchain technology can be daunting. Askgirolamo simplifies this process, providing a well thought responses for anyone interested in learning about Cardano.
  • Enhancing Community Engagement: Askgirolamo is a tool for cardano community engagement with 24 hours up-time, further fostering a more informed and connected Cardano community.

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Looking Forward

As we celebrate the launch of Askgirolamo, we also look forward to its evolution. We are committed to continuously improving its capabilities, ensuring it remains an invaluable resource. We are very excited for you to join us in this new chapter of our journey.

Disclaimer: We dont guarantee a 100% accuracy on the information provided by AskGirolamo as its still on its early stage and still under going development. Always conduct your own proper research.

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