Give the Car a Long Life by Following Right Car Detailing Routine

To prolong the life of things that mean a lot to us, routine maintenance is essential. One of the expensive material things that one possesses, besides one’s house, is the car. Not only does a car help in commuting to the workplace easily, it also helps the entire family to unwind during weekends or extended breaks, among many other activities where the need of the car becomes supreme. Thus, when the car plays such an important role in one’s life, it goes without saying that it needs proper upkeep from time to time.

In the car care ‘must do things,’ apart from maintaining proper tyre pressure or visiting the authorised service centre for addressing sundry mechanical troubles, it is the task of car detailing that should figure high on the priority list. The job of car detailing involves thorough washing of the car — exterior and interior, to not only prolong its life but also keep it look new.

Why Car Detailing is Important?

As the car travels through different kinds of terrain it is exposed to a lot of contaminants. These contaminants can be in the form of sulphurous or nitric oxide fumes swirling in the air, pollens, salt, grease, grime, dust, heat, splashes from muddy waters, acidic deposits from precipitation (rain, snow or dew) or bird droppings. With time these contaminants eat away the exterior wax and paint coating and oxidise the metal underneath thereby corroding it. And once corrosion sets in the metal innards get damaged, sometimes to the point of no return. To avoid such a thing from happening, car washing should be undertaken periodically, preferably from many professionally run agencies such as car detailing in Calgary.

How Often to Wash the Car?

The frequency is mainly determined by the location, terrain and climate the car travels in. If the location is relatively free of pollution, car wash — notably can be restricted to once or twice a month. However, if the location is polluted, say near to an industrial centre or a big city, then the frequency should be weekly or even less. Notably, in extreme climate, especially during winter or summer, the cleaning routine should be followed more frequently as there would be deposition of snow, grime or salt.

What Does Car Detailing Entail?

Car detailing whether by hand wash or automatic tools follows the following steps:

  • Thorough cleaning of car’s exterior by shooting jets of water
  • Vacuum cleaning of the interior
  • Scrubbing the exterior and interior with a moist cloth dipped in cleaning solvents with correct pH balance
  • Using auto clay bars to get rid of stubborn stains or deposits
  • Washing the car again to get rid of solvent residues
  • Drying the car
  • Applying paint where worn out
  • Applying polish and wax coating to restore shine, and also as a safeguard against elements

If the above mentioned routine is followed as per the car manual, the car can remain fit and travel worthy for a long time.

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