Announcing Cardify’s seed round, and we’re investing in you

Bram Van de velde
Feb 14 · 4 min read
Cardify team
Cardify team

As CEO and founder of Cardify, I’m thrilled to announce that with this new decade comes a new chapter for Cardify: we’ve closed our seed financing round with Belgian tech-pioneers.

This seed round is a one-of-a kind. Along with our pre-seed investor Jonas Dhaenens, it’s joined by some of the biggest minds whom shaped or are shaping the Belgian tech scene — including co-founders of Netlog, Showpad, and Teamleader.

  • Former Netlog co-founders Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens
  • Showpad co-founders Pieterjan Bouten and Louis Jonckheere
  • Rydoo/Xpenditure co-founders Boris Bogaert and Wim Derkinderen
  • Teamleader co-founder Jeroen De Wit
  • LinkedIn Learning account executive Koen Schurgers
  • Greenpark Investment Partners Wim Vernaeve and Jan Froyman
  • Qrf City Retail CEO William Vanmoerkerke
  • CEO Jonas Dhaenens

When our team launched the first iteration of Cardify, a digital business card, we could have never imagined that in just 11 months we’d be where we are now. We’re building the best sales tool for meeting prospects in a smarter and more effective way.

We firmly believe a first sales interaction can shape the path of the whole sales flow, and the support from these respected investors proves the opportunity ahead of us. Cardify sits at the intersection of 3 distinct market trends:

💼 Buyers are demanding a more meaningful, more interacting relationship with the brands they buy from;

⏱ Salespeople are asking for more time to do what they love: selling, instead of busywork;

⚖️ Tightening privacy regulations require sharpening of key business processes.

We believe that successful companies will be rooted in meeting these new expectations and that the first interaction will be an important ingredient of a successful sales process.

It all starts at hello

In recent decades, every tool we use in sales meetings has changed for the better — except for one: the business card. We all feel the pain when we receive a paper business card. Key contacts are lost, we put a lot of effort into processing them properly, and new privacy rules only add to the headache.

Cardify tackles this problem at its core: by rethinking how you meet prospects. Instead of exchanging business cards, processing them and following up via email, sharing sales content and contact details is easy with just a tap of the card. Sales reps no longer receive business cards to process manually, but instead receive engagement monitoring so they’re more productive and better informed about their customers’ actions.

And we’re just getting started. With this round of financing, we’ll focus on driving product innovation and scaling go-to-market functions to accelerate our mission to help salesteams work smarter. Here’s a peek into our plans for the future. We’re excited — and we hope you are, too.

Cardify in 2020: an early look at our product roadmap

This year we will focus on creating a powerful tool for meeting new prospects. We are on a mission to take your business forward. We will also give users more options to make sharing content and getting business information back easier than ever.

With traditional business cards and outbound email flows, converting a prospect has proven to be a challenge. That’s why a cornerstone of Cardify has always been to make processes easier and turn the first interactions into real ongoing conversations.

This year we will strengthen this foundation to make our features more powerful than before. Easier onboarding, less time managing contact details and more time with your leads:

📚 Sharing content is more important than ever. You want your prospect to be involved and have access to everything relevant after your meeting. Immediately.

🙋🏻‍♂️ Instant exchange gives you the opportunity to never receive a business card again. You don’t have to do any manual work, because you can link it to Outlook contacts or any other CRM system.

🗃 Enrich prospects with more data and business insights from just their email address. You end up with a complete overview of each prospect.

📊 Engagement analytics gives the context you need to deliver a personalized experience at the right time. We invest in our analytical infrastructure to ensure you get the most out of every interaction and optimise your funnel.

We’re ready. Are you with us?

We can’t be more excited about what this next phase will bring for us and you. We are grateful for the continued support of our customers, investors and friends. We look forward to bringing this joy to more sales teams around the world.

Thank you,

Bram Van de velde

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Turning ideas into code — CEO Cardify

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