Exterior and Interior Painting by Cardinal Pro Painters

Exterior Painting:

Professional painting services by our Charlotte painting company go above and beyond for our customers to ensure the best exterior painting results. We begin by pressure washing. This ensures that dirt and dust wont be painted over which will cause it to fall off. A good pressure washing should remove all dirt and debris from the house. A lot of visible stains should come out as well. We use bleach to ensure a proper cleaning process. Then we begin the prep work process which includes caulking, scraping, and masking areas to protect them from debris. The painting process involves 2 coats. And finally the cleanup process leaves the customer’s house the way we found it when we began working.

Interior Painting:

The first part is moving furniture and wall hangings. Cover plates are also removed. Plastic and drop cloths are used to protect areas from paint debris. The prep work involves caulking and repairing drywall by patching holes, filling in cracks and nail pops, and sanding walls for a smooth surface. Then we apply two coats of paint in a color chosen by you. Finally, we begin the clean-up process in which we get rid of all debris, dust, and sweep all work areas. Then we return your furniture back to its original place.