Introducing Jelly, A New Search Engine
Biz Stone

I tried to like it, but if it’s supposed to be a search engine of any stripe then it’s an extremely poor excuse for one. I typed in a very simple question and was directed to “check this out while you wait” topics. Ain’t nobody got time for that, as the saying goes.

If it’s a crowd-powered question/answer platform, it’s filled with fail. Quora does an absolutely amazing job with that business model, which leaves Jelly as a poor, vacant wanna-be, crawling slowly in a fast-paced world of tech innovation. I have to ask, why did you spend so much time on something that was going to be a carbon copy of something already out there and successful?

You need to go back to the basic concept and decide what Jelly is really supposed to be, and THEN try to build something unique and ground-breaking from that point.

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