Hello World! From down under, we are Cardingo!

One day In August 2019, a woman living in an Australian town heard whimpers coming from her backyard. After investigating, she found an adorable little 5 week old pup she assumed was a dog, or perhaps a fox. Subsequently named after the town the woman lived in of Wandiligong, Victoria, Wandi was neither fox nor dog. Taken to a veterinarian, his wounds suggested an eagle had been the culprit that had dropped this poor creature right into her yard. The vet ordered a blood test, and Wandi was discovered to be something much more unexpected and unique. His genetic results came back as 100% Australian alpine dingo — the only one of three types of Australian dingoes in danger of extinction. Thereafter, he was taken to the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary of the Australian Dingo Foundation, founded and run by Lyn Watson, a Cardingo partner! Donations from the project will help Lyn support her pack and the dingoes battle against extinction, while continuing to fund the sanctuaries research and public education as to the immense role dingoes play in the health of the Australian ecosystem.

Cardingo, much like our little mascot Wandi, is a young yet nearly developed project dropping into the Cardano ecosystem as if from nowhere. The team has been working bloody hard (often skipping brekky) while utilizing their own funds, to create a unique and invaluable CNFT marketplace full of high quality art and artists for the Cardano community. In this growing realm, and in the hands of it’s cherished founder Charles Hoskinson we so highly regard, is where we call home. Home is where the heart is after all, and our home is with Cardano!

Cardingo shares the deepest core philosophies of Charles Hoskinson, which is where our endless admiration for him is derived. What we strive for inherently, has been to truly take the necessary time in creating something of the highest quality, which is both meaningful and useful for the Cardano community as well as the world at large. Not just for the here and now, but built with a fortified foundation to last long into the foreseeable future and hopefully beyond. It’s a magical thing to see one’s imagination brought to life, and to know that what you have created will grow and continue providing meaning and use to countless others, even when you may no longer be around to witness it.

Cardingo aims to expand the CNFT landscape for both artists and collectors by offering a simple yet solid NFT marketplace, harnessing the power of Cardano offering both utility and value. Through unique offerings Cardingo will connect Cardano and NFT fans worldwide, creating a strong and deeply bonded pack while showcasing a beautiful gallery of talented artists on the Cardano blockchain. Our established professional brand is our adorable and colorfully illustrated dingo characters Moko and Wandi, defenders of the Cardano ecosystem!

Cardingo will seek out and support selected artists to mint NFTs on our platform. This includes the search for talented aboriginal artists seeking to grow their economic opportunities through their art, and to share their long history of art centered culture with the world. The goal with our selectivity is to establish a Cardano gallery that is uniquely curated, thereby creating our own individual niche and spotlight, rather than competing with the many other shiny CNFT platforms. Cardingo has already successfully partnered with several artists, and is preparing to launch our platform to begin unveiling our first series of artist and computer generated designer CNFT’s. We invite all from the world of NFT’s and the Cardano ecosystem, to come be a part of our magnificent project and community. Welcome to Cardingo!




Curated designer CNFT collections and marketplace. Computer and artist generated! Proud members of the Cardano community.

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Curated designer CNFT collections and marketplace. Computer and artist generated! Proud members of the Cardano community.

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