[Update announcement]09/12/2019

Sep 12 · 3 min read

Period: 2019.9.12, 16:00~18:00
Please pay attention that you will not be able to login during maintenance.


Daily Task function:

Three random tasks will be refreshed at midnight every day. When the requires are reached, the tasks will be automatically completed and rewards will be sent to the mail.

Golden Tickets and roles can be get through task.

Initial 3 ones are fixed and for freshman.

SEA token cooperation:

SEA (蓝鲸淘)is one of NEO’s ecology projects. SEAS and SEAC are NEP5 token of the SEA.
Players will refund SEAS after consuming SEAC. According to business plan, players will refund 1 SEAS (1:1) for 1 SEAC they consumed. 50% of SEAC consumed will be destroyed in the contract and 50% will be the income of the partner. The model will be tried out through Nature Town.

SEA spring workshop
SEA spring requires 200 SEAS and a small amount of in-game resources to build.

After construction, 1 point SEAS will be produced every 30 minutes, with a storage limit of 20 points. A SEA spring workshop will continue to produce for a maximum of 5 days. No matter whether you receive it or not, it will not be able to produce after expiration, which means you have to destroy it and recreate it. SEAS can be withdrawn at User Center after the end of FOMO.

In other words, player can produce 240 SEAS (maximum) in the production cycle of a single SEA spring. 20% of these SEAS are subsidized by the CardMaker team as an incentive.

New mod Cthulhu’s Recall

Considering the familiarity of initial players and the complexity of purchasing SEAC, we will invest a total of 50,000 SEAC in the new module “Cthulhu’s Recall” in 30 days as a free gift to encourage people to explore. You can explore the first SEAC while exploring story and experiencing game.

All users can also purchase SEAC to recharge to the game via https://www.btb.io and sell SEAS on https://www.zg.com.

Note: SEAC can be charged, but SEAS cannot; And SEAS can be withdrawn, but SEAC cannot.
Note: CardMaker is only the project partner of SEA, and the price ratio of SEAS and SEAC has nothing to do with CardMaker.
Note: SEA spring workshop is a special workshop, and the profit will be calculated independently.

Google verification function

Play can choose to open it in User Center. After opening, they need to use Google to verify twice before login.


Nature Town & DappReivew Giveaway

CardMaker opens DappReivew screen Banner+ Topic+Giveaway!!

DappReview Giveaway.

Card Synthesis Challenge:

No player succeeded in melting target card.

Workshop Mana Spring subsidy:

Finished today.

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Website: https://www.cardmaker.io

Asia node: https://neo.cardmaker.io/?from=community
American node: https://neo2.cardmaker.io/?from=community

User Center:
Asia node: http://neoa.cardmaker.io
American node: http://neoa2.cardmaker.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardmakerio

Telegram: https://t.me/CardMaker

Discord: https://discord.gg/tNjgXUW

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