Hello world

I am not sharpening my pencil before writing this post, perhaps I look at it as an open canvas to ponder on.

Story 1: India is a nation of events. Every single day is worth celebrating. Baby born — party! Ear boring- come, lets group the gala at temple! Head shaving — oh, what a ceremony! The list becomes a magnum-opus scene with Band bajaa bharat- and the list couldnt get longer. On the other side of the story is very much filled with Pongals and Uttarayans and Holis. The story of inviting goes further into our roots, our culture, the warmth, the hospitality- not to mention those big laughs and gossips taking fold along.

Story 2: Human civilization — has come through a long way. Especially the last millenia which witnessed the rock age, climbing super up and siting well comfortable on this digital age. This hasn't have happened without the intervention of this tech great, the very literacy rate in the human society got soared along with this, the power of ideas got gripped into material force with this.. Printing! Started with treddle machines, the intricate processes got upgraded into Hand composing to now Jet fast European breeds, to a superlative tomorrow, Printing has come a long way.

The intersection of both the stories is clear, and important than ever. Invitations is one of the telling things. But then there’s a mixed alarm around this with digital eating the market. The collar rising tale of Parrys Corners, Chawri bazar, Sultanpet is not the same story yet. The needs in the product category is being missed.. GenYs, and Zs and Alphas had to be brought back to the game! And when thats taken care, we reach the future without abandoning the past. With the context set and no further looking, add a bit of tech and courage to the mix- we are taking the idea of On-demand invitation cards live.

Cardnival, by design, is going to keep things simple and lean, yet engaging. We are bootstrapping now and the only obsession is to let our customers tell great design stories. In that spirit, we are inviting designers, story tellers and school kids for rambling and collaboration. Together lets take this forward. For once this one is by you, for you.

We are taking orders from this weekend (01.09.2017) and cannot be more excited to see you there in our store!