How to organize all your health records?

It is a great idea to keep copies of your medical records as you will need them, if you change your doctor or get sick, while away from home. It may be required in case of emergencies and it will help you to get treatment more quickly and easily.

You can keep copies of your health records in your files or store them on a portable storage device for computers. Additionally, be sure that someone from your family or friends know where you have kept it. These things can be handy in order to organize all your health records.

What records you should have?

You need to have following medical records:

· Your medical history.

· Current health information

· Recent insurance claims and payment records.

· A copy of your advance directive, including power of attorney and living will.

How to start all this?

In order to start, call your family doctor and get all the necessary information related to your health. If needed, ask for the help of your doctor for this task. Be specific regarding the records you want to save your money. After you have all your information, you need to organize all your health records.

You can choose following ideas:

Use your personal computer

Select a software, you think is easy to use or you can buy software specially for personal medical records. You can also opt to store your health records on an internet website, which is fully secured. Contact your hospital or health plan providers, who can help you to save your details.

Use a notebook

Shop a wire-bound notebook having dividers for each member of the family. It is better to shop a notebook having pockets, where you can keep the test results and other important health papers.

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