Rude Birthday Cards For Ed Sheeran As He Turns 26 This Week from

Known for his fiery red hair and his melodic, heartfelt songs, Ed Sheeran recently made his big comeback to music after some much needed time off. The singer songwriter spent about a year off, taking a break from music and social media altogether, before he announced that he would be releasing a new album in March of this year by changing his social media avator to the colour blue (all of Ed’s previous albums featured a single colour and a mathematical symbol). And to top it all off, the indie superstar will be celebrating his 26th year on earth this week, I wonder how many birthday cards the unlikely heartthrob will be receiving?

After playing massive stadiums, selling millions of records, and being declared one of the most influential people in Britain in 2017, a little thing like a 26th birthday may seem trivial, but when you’re receiving hilarious birthday cards like our “Any Cunt Can Write On Your Facebook Wall. So Here’s A Card #happyfuckingbirthday”, “Glad Your Mum Didn’t Swallow You #Happyfuckingbirthday” or “Happy Anniversary Of The Day Your Face Rubbed Against Your Mum’s Vagina #Happyfuckingbirthday” selection, it really does help the day go by with a bang (hopefully, literally). In fact, our “Happy Birthday Ginger Pubes” birthday card would definitely go down a treat for Sheeran’s big day.

Birthdays aside, Sheeran’s third album ‘÷’ is set to top the charts when it is released this year, and the first two singles “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” have already broken records in several countries, such as the UK, Australia and Germany by debuting in the top two positions in the charts. Not bad for a lad from Halifax, eh? Maybe one of our extra naughty “congratufuckinglations” congratulations cards will be in order come March.

Birthday parties may get pretty wild when you’re a celebrity, but none could top the party at Princess Beatrice’s house last November, where she jokingly knighted James Blunt, but ended up slicing Ed’s cheek with her ceremonial sword instead. After a few stitches, Ed was right as rain, but that’s certainly a party to remember, isn’t it? Princess Beatrice, James Blunt, Sheeran’s celebrity friends don’t end there, the singer is famously best mates with Taylor Swift, after the two toured together a few years ago; plus Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Rupert Grint and Selena Gomez all call Ed one of their pals. In fact, Sheeran has so many friends, it’s hard to find someone willing to utter a bad word about him, however, it’s rumoured that Miley Cyrus isn’t a fan. Yet, as this young musician turns 26 years old this week, it’s clear that Ed doesn’t really need friends, he’s got youth, talent and money on his side, and that’s all that counts!