CVK Zipper playing cards scanner for poker analyzer

Latest CVK 750 zipper dynamic poker cheating camera is the newest playing cards scanner for sale. It can work with any types of poker analyzer, especially CVK poker analyzer of CVK 400 poker analyzer or CVK 500 poker analyzer.

GS latest CVK 750 zipper dynamic poker camera is the first one that can be adjusted according to the height of the gambling table. It can be fixed on any piece of clothes with a zipper within 30 seconds.

In order to let the Zipper cheating poker camera scan marked cards with laser barcode, you need to keep it 25 to 55cm from the cards in poker games. Its scanning height is 30cm and its scanning width is 38cm.

If you are looking for a playing cards scanner, we are here strongly recommending you to try our latest CVK 750 zipper dynamic poker cheat camera! Do not forget to take the zipper scanning camera off when you need to wash the clothes!