How Dementia Care in New Jersey will help my Loved One

You shouldn’t think that if your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia that their quality of life is lost. It is true that when a person is diagnosed with dementia it certainly affects one’s ability to find joy and contentment. Caregivers and professionals can offer reliable dementia care that will help them lead a quality of life while dealing with the changes that come with the disease.

Dementia care experts in New Jersey normally believe that people with dementia should have their body, mind and spirit stimulated each and everyday. The highly skilled and friendly caregivers in New Jersey will make sure to provide a dedicated dementia care routine to your loved one that will enhance their quality of life, like:

#1- By Engaging your loved one in Cognitive Stimulation:
 To keep the brain active for your loved one with dementia they will be engaged in at least 1–2 hours per day in cognitive activities by the caregivers. Your loved one, in early stages of dementia, will be carefully handled by the caregivers who will indulge them in doing crossword puzzles, trivia games, Sudoku or computer brain games like Lumosity. If your loved one is in the later stages of dementia then the caregivers will make them to point out the colors in a picture book, sort objects by size or color or other simpler brain exercises.

#2- Helping your loved one Participate in Physical Stimulation:
 For people with dementia, it is important to continue as much physical activity to maintain a quality of life. By judging the state-of-mind of a dementia patient, the caregivers will make sure in involving them in walking, dancing and exercising for around 20–30 minutes. It proves to be a great idea to maintain this as a routine as long as possible. Physical stimulation normally helps in preventing the stiffening of muscles and helps in improving range of motion.

#3- Allowing your loved one to Engage in Self-Expression:
 Did you know that self expression helps in sparking joy among your loved one with dementia? Self expression like art, cooking, music, reminiscing or watching an old favorite movie can prove to be effective for your loved one with dementia.

#4- Socializing or Connecting your loved one with Others:
 Socialization is important for people with dementia; in this case visits from friends and family members can prove to be very effective for your loved one. In addition, caregivers can help your loved ones in socializing over the phone and through Skype.

You must understand that health care professionals and caregivers play a key role in influencing and assisting your loved one with dementia. To ensure quality of life for you loved one, you can rely on an effective dementia care in New Jersey by CareBridge Home Health Care. Our expert and friendly caregivers will not only offer an exceptional caregiving experience, but also, make sure helping your loved one with dementia to lead a quality life. We are licensed and insured home health agency in New Jersey.

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