We’ve recently reviewed a study of more than 12 million job applications to reveal the top 3 ways to secure the best jobs. Number 1 was employee referrals and number 2 was via an internal move or transition.

What’s the best way to position yourself for those scenarios to play out?

High-performance, of course!

The focus of most major employers today is do-more-with-less. Less training, less development, less headcount, less funding, lower budgets, and so on, all in the name of creating more value. There is little wonder why nearly every study into employee engagement reveals rife unhappiness. We’re drowning in to-do lists!

Now, running a business for 3 years while also fulltime for an employer (until 4 months ago) taught me the value of productivity without compromising quality. So, one thing I know about is:

To-do lists.

We used to be frenemies,

but now we’re soulmates.

So, here are my 4 top productivity hacks that will absolutely lift your output.

1. Block out the world!

Let me start by saying, you need a killer headset! Don’t muck around. I’ve tested the best, and I’m rocking these babies…

Bose, noise-cancelling headphones block out the rest of the world, and leave me undisturbed to push out high-quality work. These are a game changer!

If you’re in an anti-headphones-at-work organisation, you need to get the crew together and protest — at least ask for a trial day once or twice a week to see the difference it can make in your team’s performance. Studies have revealed playing music or white noise in your headphones while smashing out your day-to-day tasks improves your rate of output. Whether due to the music itself, or the happy mood your music is putting you in remains to be answered, probably both are making an impact.

2. Noisli (https://www.noisli.com/)

Noisli is epic and free (my two favourite things). Click the URL above (after you’ve read this post, of course) and you’re greeted with a pre-loaded system with combinations of white noise, flowing streams, raindrops, busy cafe ambience, train tracks, wind, and so on. Or, create your own combo and equalise each item — fine tune the perfect blend of sound, allowing your mind to focus rapidly and produce work.

Noisli also has a distraction-free word editor and a timer with fade-out features (so you can set those ‘core-hours’). It’s free, it’s fun, it works. Try it out!

3. Asana (https://app.asana.com/)

OK — you’re busy? Your professional life blends with your personal commitments and social activity? You need Asana — and this one is free too!

Asana is hailed a project management tool, but I use it to handle all my tasks and deadlines and assign tasks to others, whether they’re personal contacts or an employee.

Asana is not a work thing (but it is). Your Asana account is your personal account. You set up your individual work-spaces (ie. your job, your side business, your upcoming party or event, your whatever…), and you can add anyone to your work-spaces.

Create tasks, assign them to yourself or anyone else, upload attachments, enter instructions, and even create sub-tasks for others to do. Emails be gone!

Manage all of your to-do’s in this one spot, tick them off like nothing else, and download the App so you can add or complete tasks on the fly. Asana is great!

4. Get a Diffuser! (Essential Oils and Aromas)

Your strongest sense works through the middle of your face, put that nose to work! Aromatherapy may not come to mind when you think “productivity”, but make no mistake, this stuff will boost your performance without a doubt.

Smells influence brain activity. The six scents that have been proven to boost your performance at work include lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint. My top pick of the above scents is cinnamon, proven to fight off mental fatigue and boost focus.

Aromatherapy can also boost your immune system, fight off illnesses and prevent those horrible sick days — another enemy of productivity!

So, career progression isn’t always about leaving an organisation, and looking for greener pastures. The studies show internal moves are the second highest occurring career move, so why not include internal moves into your career progression strategy. These hacks will help you stand out in your organisation, try them out!

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