Career and life, the 4 questions you must ask yourself to find clarity in your career and life

What you enjoy the most in your career and life?

Follow your passion, and it will lead you to your purpose.” — Oprah

Most importantly, it will help you find your passion!

As Passion is the light that will guide you and keep you motivated throughout your journey towards your goal. Therfore when you ask yourself, what do you like most? You take your first step towards finding your passion. That’s why it’ll help you choose the right career and life for yourself.

What are the things you hate to do in career and life?

Here, we go with the Don’ts of your life. This question helps you clarify what things make you unhappy and you just don’t want them in your career and life!

Have you defined your goals!

So before asking yourself about your goals, first ask yourself, what do you want from your goals?

Is your current career taking you towards your career and life goals?

With this question you can end this little self-introspection journey. It will wind up all your thoughts and it will give you the most important realization of one’s life — The Realization of Present!



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