Okay, raise your hand (digitally, of course) if you’ve ever experienced this: you’re reflecting on the past year or period in your life (New Years, graduation, a breakup, etc.) and you’re planning your attack going forward.

You finish up after an awesome jam-session of listing out all the projects, goals, and achievements you want to work on in the next little while.

You’re pumped for a few days and even making some progress on a few of them. Then the inevitable wear-off from the high comes and you settle back into the regularity of life.

Wake-up, crush some granola and…

Everybody likes networking, right?

Sorry, I think I said that wrong.

What I meant to say is that nobody in their right mind — aside from Recruiters — genuinely loves to head out to an event full of strangers who are all trying to connect with each other under the subtle pretence of hopefully leveraging them later on.

Yeah, that sounds better.

The truth is, a lot of times networking really sucks. People can be awkward and disingenuous. And it really feels like work…in your free time.


Yet, networking is so emphasized at all stages of your career…

In our society, we are far from adverse to game-changing innovations.

Facebook changed the Social Media game, and took us from the MySpace-era to where we are today.

Apple changed the cellphone game by introducing the iPhone — taking us from flip-phones and landlines to the pocket computers we have today.

A scrawny dude named Steph Curry changed the NBA game by shooting 3-pointers at such an incredibly unprecedented rate , that it required the entire league to adapt to this approach or die.

But for the longest time, one area that’s been resistant to change, is the way we…

The more I invest in myself, the less I’m looking for a tangible return and the more I’m looking for growth as an individual.

When I was in my early-twenties, personal and/or professional development was always attached to some sort of tangible return.

“Well, if I work towards this certification, how much more will I earn?” Or “If I attend this conference, will it really benefit me?” Or “I don’t need to improve [insert somewhat irrelevant skill here], because that’s not directly applicable to my career path”.

I was always looking for some way to justify the financial investment, but…

When you’re interviewing and they inevitably get to the point where they ask if you have any questions, and you’re the type to end it awkwardly with some variation of “Nah, I think you covered everything I was wondering about”, don’t.

Just, don’t.

It’s basically saying: “yeah bro, I want the job, but I’m not interested enough to make an effort”.

While it seems innocuous to not come prepared with a couple of insightful questions, at the very least you’re leaving an opportunity to do some digging/fact-finding on the role and company you’re interviewing for. …

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For the people out there who excel at job interviews, they’ve figured out that it’s all about preparation, building rapport, and conveying your value. Sounds easy, right?

Well, Recruiters and Hiring Managers are more and more judging consciously about your preparedness and how you present, opposed to doing any deep-dive into your answers, experience, or education, to actually assess you better.

While that may be a cynical way of summarizing it, that’s the system we’re living in and needing to work with in order to succeed. …

I like to write lists. A lot of them. Lists of places I want to go, a list of concerts I want to see, a goals list I want to accomplish. I’m awful at organizing them and often find myself with multiple versions of each lists lying around at different computers or desks I’m at.

This year, I decided to take my annual bucket/goal/to-do list and go the extra mile. Forget writing a document on Pages, that I discover/remember part-way through the year. Forget the lack of reminders that my previous system overlooked.

So, I decided to build it on…

A Simple Job Search Hack.

You know how all those sales and thought leaders always tell you that you’ll work 80% of the time for 20% of the profit? Or, some sort of sentiment along those lines? Well, this rule is similar. Except that it has nothing to do with sales and everything to do with productivity and efficiency in your job search.

Say, if you’re anything like me when you’re in the midst of a job search, then you’re likely in need of a Chrome App just to manage all the tabs you have opened of jobs you want to apply for. Again, if…

Why The “80% Hidden Job Market” Is A Bull&*^% Statistic.

Growing up, I was always weary of the hidden job market. I was told when looking for work that 80% or “x-percentage” of jobs were not advertised. It was perplexing. I mean, how could someone being hiring but not actively looking? Or, how could they expect to find a viable candidate when no one knows?

It was confounding to me for a number of reasons.

Still, it held somewhat true for me. I found my first job working at our local computer shop, merely by being a customer. I was around 14-years old and since I lived in a town…

Recruiters: Explained. Who Are They? What Do They Do? And Why Are They Bothering Me On LinkedIn?

If you’re over 18, you’re probably familiar with the word/job title: “Recruiter”. Heck, maybe you’ve even worked with a Recruiter in the past — either successfully or not so much.

Still, I see so many questions online and from my clients that leads me to believe the idea and definition of a Recruiter, for many, still seems to be a bit of an enigma.

For example: What do they do? Who do they prioritize? Isn’t their job to GET me a job? Why…

Calvin Nisbet

@Springboard Career Coach

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