I’ve been applying everywhere!!!

Applying to jobs suck. The dream job you want and you will be great at, you can’t get. Worst of all, you went to college, got good grades, gained job experience (maybe unrelated job experience, but you had to earn an income somehow) and nobody cares. The system doesn’t work for everyone. It doesn’t work for most people. Many people hates their jobs and can’t get another because nobody wants to give them the opportunity.

Some of the recruiters for these companies are terrible at their jobs. If you look at the culture of the companies, there might be a negative atmosphere, bad employees are in high positions and the morale is serious low. You can attribute those factors to the bad recruiters and bad managers.

Before I graduated from college, I was told I needed a college degree to have a job. When I graduated I was told I needed work experience to get a job. When I got job experience, I was told I needed relevant work experience. When I got relevant work experience, I was my skills weren’t specifically needed. When does this ever end? The system just doesn’t work. You can’t get work experience, if you can’t get a job; it makes no sense.

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