Was I “Sold”?

You have been spending time reaching a significant purchase in your life, reading through the pros and cons, the good and bad reviews. You are at the point where you speak to salesperson, and they are telling you all the good things about their product and even tell you how to make it work best for you. Finally after all the possible outcomes you thought of it, you decide to make the purchase. When things don’t work out, you can’t help but feel “sold”.

Of course you were sold. Why in the fuck, would a salesperson (making commission on every sale) tell you that the product isn’t for you. You bought it expecting one thing, but totally end up with another. I’m not telling you never make a big purchase in your life, but I do want to help you come to terms with your decision.

The promise the salesperson made you doesn’t mean shit, take it as a grain of salt. It won’t be the last time you will feel “sold” and there’s no shame in that. When you are ready, accept the misfortunate and try your best to move forward.

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