For Educators: How to get students thinking about careers

This is a quickstart guide for volunteers who are going to visit a classroom and want to help students get started thinking about careers. is the perfect companion to your site visit. We’ll show you how to be inspirational, and how to get your students started on a career journey that will last them a lifetime.

Step 1: Tell the students your career story

How long this takes: 10mins (keep it short!)

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to keep your career story interesting:

  1. If I had to explain what I do to someone who knows nothing about my industry, what would I say? (similar to Reddit’s “ELI5”)
  2. What did I do during my youth that had the most impact on my future career prospects?
  3. How did I get my first job?
  4. What were the 1 or 2 most important things that got me to where I am today professionally?

Then invite the students to ask you questions.

Step 2: Help the students compose career questions they can post up on

Tell the students about Something like this:

I’m part of a network of volunteers who give career advice to students online. On you can continue getting career advice from me and other working professionals like me. You can post a question on the site and it will automatically get sent out to professionals like me if we have relevant work experience. So if you’re interested in becoming a doctor, the site will send your question to the doctors.
Let’s run an exercise together: I’ll help you come up with career questions you can post onto Please take out a piece of paper and write down 3 career questions you’d like to get answered. Please take 2 minutes to do that, then discuss it with the student next to you (pair up) while I walk around to provide feedback.

After you have had a chance to walk around, you can then ask students to share some of the most interesting career questions. Then either ask the students to go onto right on the spot, or after school. Ideally, you would be able to actually ask the students to open up their computers and post their questions up live on the site while you watch. If you can do that, then head over to our other recent blog post to get some tips on how to do that: Three simple steps educators can use to get students started on

Helping students compose career questions for them to post up on

Step 3: Help the educators get set up on

Helping educators learn how to use is just as impactful as helping students learn how to use it. Here are a few reasons is helpful for educators:

  1. Educators can keep track of student learning about careers, which helps students stay involved in their core educational information
  2. Educators can see if their students’ career plans are being highly rated.
  3. Educators can download career readiness lesson plans and other tools that they can use to help their students explore careers.

To get started, Educators need to create an educator account at The educator will then be able to setup what we call “a student cohort”, which they can get students to “join”.

Need help?

If you need anything you can always reach us at