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Next steps are suggestions for what students should do next.

Professionals answering questions on can now add “next steps” into their answers. Adding a next step is a great way to help students turn learning into action. It’s also ProTip #5 (read all 10 of our ProTips here:, a critical component of what makes the highest quality advice on the internet (aka “Best of the Village”).

How Professionals add next steps to answers
How Students save next steps for later

Next steps are small achievable steps towards your career goals! The best next steps can be thought of as “tasks” on a students list of things to do. No next step is too detailed or specific. Great next steps are SMART goals. Here are some examples:

  • Add three pieces of art to your graphic arts portfolio
  • Email someone who does your dream job to ask for “an informational interview”
  • Send a draft of your resume to a teacher you know for feedback
  • Read the book “The Vault Guide to Case Study Interviews”
  • Join or start a math club at your high school


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