ProTip Four: Tell a Personal Story

Our ProTip series is designed to help Professionals on create advice that will become the best answer for any student looking for the answer to a question.

Introducing ProTip Four:

“If a student asks a subjective question, include a relevant and helpful personal story.”

Your personal experience is your most valuable mentorship tool. Writing about your personal experiences can impact the choices students make, provide them with better perspective, and help prepare them for the future.


How do you know it when you see it?

Examples From the Village

“I handle contracts in the media space and also protect my company’s intellectual property (mainly trademarks). I have colleagues that go to court and litigate…”

Katherine talks about how she got started as a Community professional:

“I myself started by running a community for women with health conditions and disabilities as a volunteer, and 8 years later I’m a project manager with a large community team…”

What’s next?

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