ProTip Two: Be Comprehensive

Our ProTip series is designed to help Professionals on create advice that will become the best answer for any student looking for the answer to a question.

Introducing ProTip Two:

“A great answer answers the question comprehensively.”

This pro tip is about providing students with complete, detailed answers to their questions. If a student asks “What are three great things about being a programmer and why?” be sure that you list at least three things and specify why you selected them.


How do you know it when you see it?

Examples From the Village

“Here’s how you figure it out…. The college I went to required 128 credits to graduate… So that means to stay on track you have to take … A typical college class is 3 to 4 credits…reviewing notes… meeting with study groups… or talking with your professor to get help…”

Ken gives a comprehensive list of options available to Mitra when looking for internships and networking:

“Here is a site that will help… Your school counselor can help you locate… Also the head of alumni relations at your school… The reference librarian at your local library can help you to locate…”

What’s next?

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