How Our Service Works for Clients

CareerWave provides online, technology driven coaching for people interested in exploring or preparing for a new job. We provide an online system that includes great content and tools, and we support your efforts with a human coach to answer questions, provide feedback and help keep you on track. Coaches communicate with clients by text or email.

Our coaches help clients in three areas:

  • Career exploration — find a career that is fulfilling and rewarding:
  • Career development — build and move forward on a plan to get ready for the next job in your career path, or to shift to something new:
  • Find a Fit — unique insight on finding a job, including help with staying accountable on your job finding strategy and dealing with the emotional roller coaster of the job search.

Clients pick which of these topics they with to explore, and can mix and match as they see fit.

Our system includes content and projects to help clients understand the job exploration and career development process and take steps to help prepare for a new job. Content is both proprietary, developed with our coach advisors, and hand-picked from the best materials available on the web.

Coaches and clients talk to each other through email and text messages.

Coaches provide feedback and check in to help keep clients on their plan.

Our coaches help clients create plans and stay on track through the ups and downs of a job search or career change. They also focus on helping clients develop career-healthy habits and build a growth mindset.

CareerWave is an online career and business coaching service that is transforming coaching with highly effective coaching that is available anywhere and is much more affordable than a traditional coach. Our coaches help clients find careers and companies they love and develop the skills necessary to get them. To learn more about our coaching services, contact us at or visit us at

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