CareerXon — First Decentralized Career Oriented & Skills Training Platform

CareerXon project, its core conceptual introduction, problems, solution
advantages, smart contract Presale, ICO and roadmap. CareerXon started from a simple brainstormed idea, born from the work we do for a living and our desire to build a better and unique platform After the original concept into presentation, we relentlessly reached out to interested partners and built our team. We are excited to work with partners in maturing our vision and hope to surpass the expectations of the community in the future.

Whats is CareerXon?

A decentralized career oriented & skill training platform is used to connect
people where they can interconnect to companies & learn new skills.
The main purpose of CareerXon is to keep the platform decentralized or
autonomous. It will connect all careers pages to one platform which will work
autonomously to update new jobs on its own and generate a list of jobs on
maps where you can search jobs with your relevant skills and experience. There will be two options. You manually add details of your education, experience, if any, and skills, or upload your CV and the platform will show you similar jobs near your location that match your education, experience and skills. The jobs will show up in your city or in your country on a map with regard to the skills and education details you entered. It’s basically an uber of jobs. Once the job is removed from the career page, it will automatically be removed from the platform map and marked as hired. This platform will help those people who don’t have a job and can’t look for multiple companies at once to keep them updated, and for companies who don’t have career pages or can’t afford to list jobs on other communication channels in local and international markets.

Skills & Training

The skills training CareerXon will provide is via a partner with whom we are working from the start to make this possible. Skills training will be provided by a partner registered company. The processing of payments will be via CareerXon as this is where the tokens are put into use.
We plan to keep the CareerXon platform completely free & transparent for users and firms The skills training developing sector will be paid as we plan to pay the instructors and companies providing services to us. In order to bring digital payments into a skill training market, we plan to save consumers 4–5% on all purchases. Skill trainings can be from any fields: teaching, engineering, medical, law, designers, civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, accounting, languages and other miscellaneous skills and subjects.

Diving Factor

The project aims to facilitate transactions between individuals who are
interested in finding & learning new potential skills and opportunities using the Ethereum technology. One key goal of this project is to connect the
unconnected within CareerXon that can potentially resolve the common
problems we are facing today in different markets. By implementing a
connected-state of the art network based on Ethereum blockchain, everyone
can benefit from unambiguous language and we can reasonably expect to
create an agreement that can be enforced autonomously and decentralized. It
will be a very successful platform if you take part in it which will allow users to get employment, skills training, collaborate, contribute to the world by telling others about it and take part in decision making. There are other successful projects that were developed in Ethereum-based smart contracts that sought to take the core to the next level and we plan to join them to help communities with a unprecedented & creative idea.

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