a rant about medium

angry m

Hello guys so basically I’m mildly irritated due to the fact that one cannot sign up for medium using only email. Frankly, I do not understand why they removed this extremely basic feature, forcing users to have a google or facebook account. Also I checked out their about page to take something from it to imply hypocrisy or going against their goals or values or something, but NO they have none of that, because who needs boring stuff like that on their ABOUT PAGE, which is ABOUT the organisation/company/website/service. Like seriously man.

This bout of rage originated in the fact that my friend and I, two young people who don’t have money to dish out to hosting services, publishing platforms etc., wanted to create a publication about local and national issues, because we like getting involved and we like writing, so I thought “Hey! Medium exists let’s use that” but alas, my friend wished to remain relatively anonymous. So, of course, I make a nice email address with the title of the publication that we agreed on. I go on Medium and to my unfortunate surprise I can’t sign up with just email! I then go on an anger fuelled search for something else to use instead but, you see, nothing is good enough for me, (personally I really hate wordpress, so that’s not an option). I remember that Ghost exists, but alas! We can’t use that perfectly cool and good platform because it costs $29 a month or self hosting, like if I had that money to spend I’d already have that so. I then proceed to go on Medium, log into my very old account and look wowee here we have this piece of arguably crappy writing.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. Love, Ryszard