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Its said that Education enhances and boosts our ability to think, to percieve things in varied ways. It gives us the understanding to ventilate our thoughts. Our thoughts, which are most of the time restricted or may be we donot allow our mind to tread that path, revolve around certain pre conditioned things with which we have grown up with. But does education really amplifies that way of thought?

I just completed my post grads in Economics. Initially, I had a strong dislike for the subject. It was my choice to take it up. I wanted to experiment with it. I felt that there is something very rich and a sense of opulence about this subject – may be because it dealt with Liquidity of Money. But whatever it was, I started liking it in bits. Gradually I came accross certain beautifully curated topics that I understood the real deal of it. It was great exploring each and every topic with example being one or the other of my life’s instances.

And one of those topics that really captured all my attention was the “Theory of Racial Dualism”. We live in a Dualist society where only we are only given the choice of choosing “between the two” not “among a lot”! Because of the Dualist structure, we almost are left with nothing to choose. There are just two extremes. Nobody has ever told us that its not just the two extremes. It the entire set of domain. Those are just the two extremes and one can choose any one of the parameters from them, including the extremes.

One very fine day, just before the lectures were about to begin, we were having a discussion on how this “racial dualism” affects the mentality of the people! All of a sudden, this one classmate of mine comes up to me and says, “ You don’t worry about anything, you are never going to get married!” I was utterly disappointed with the tone he chose to speak to me and I was honestly perturbed with the kind of behaviour he pulled off which was absolutely unnecessary. I just said’ “ My friend, who said that the sole motive in my life is to get married!?” I still could not circumvent the situation.

I was raised in a joint family of nine members and in all my life till that day, I was never made to realise that I should be made to feel different because I donot have a particular shade of skin tone. So, honestly I had no idea that this could be a topic on which people can judge me or so conveniently make a me feel out of place. This thing bothered me for quite a few days or may be months.

I never had any kind of second thoughts about the way I am and I have been be it my looks or my face or my skin color. I have been always confident as a person from within. And beauty is so much abstract and it means so different things to so many different people. But being beautiful is being the right kind of mentality you have from within otherwise its just cheers to your face. Then all of suddenly, I realised why Economics seems to be so exquisite not because it only dealt with money and finances but iy dealt with the richness of knowledge in reality. That day, it really made me ask this question that is it just only the Education that can amplify your mind to possess certain thoughts which that break the compartmentalization!? Is it only Education or something more?