About Schmidt: How a White Nationalist Seduced Anarchists Around the World (Chapter 4)
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A minor point…

“[…] as well as the crypto-fascist neo-folk band Sol Invictus, which maintains connections to the English radical-right party, the National Front”

This may be overstating things slightly.

The singer and main member of Sol Invictus, Tony Wakeford, is a former member of the National Front. The further one goes back in the Sol Invictus discography, the more far-Right themes and allusions one discovers in the band’s lyrics. (Wakeford’s group immediately before Sol Invictus, Above the Ruins, is even worse.) Sol Invictus shows likely still attract audience members with far-Right leanings.

However, “maintains connections” is vague and may give the wrong impression. Sol Invictus are increasingly attempting to put distance between themselves and blatant fascist organizing, see for example this statement from 2011 (which Sol Invictus/Wakeford made following anti-racist protest and criticism):


So, I’m guessing Sol Invictus does not flagrantly associate with the National Front at this point, as such association would be more of a liability than anything else at this stage. (I’m not claiming that Wakeford’s statement is principled — just that there is some attempt at distancing going on, whatever the motivations.) If flagrant association with the NF does still exist, it would be good to have more information/documentation.

Of course, Sol Invictus may nevertheless be on the hook for maintaining cultural space that is overly friendly to fascists. Posting a Sol Invictus song on one’s Facebook could certainly be a way of signaling “Hey, I’m part of a far-Right cultural scene” (although some people presumably like the music ‘innocently’ or at least ignorantly.) But at minimum your claim about current connections between Sol Invictus and the NF should be spelled out.

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