Eliza’s Caregiving Hacks: 3 creative ways to care for someone with dementia

Tip #1: Give them creative freedom.

Something simple that I often forget about is the creative freedom of dressing yourself. Being able to go through your closet to pick an outfit, then accessorizing to match.

Tip #2: Be a little irrational sometimes.

If you’re out and see something random that makes you smile, every once in a while go ahead and buy it for the person for whom you care! It is a guaranteed way to make a day a little bit more lively and a little bit different than the one before.

Tip #3: Let’s talk about dementia conversations.

Many people are intimidated or uncomfortable with talking to people who struggle with memory problems. And that’s normal! I would be too (and I have been!) if I hadn’t been surrounded by it since before I was in high school. It’s become such a part of life now that I don’t think about it much, but figured it might be helpful to share some things I’ve learned along the way.



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caregiving advice

caregiving advice

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