Know About How Heart Transplant Is Done at Heart Hospital

A Heart hospital specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases related to the heart. The heart hospital in Raipur, exclusively perform cardiovascular procedures and also provide emergency services.

Heart transplant is the most common procedure performed at the Heart hospital in Raipur. It is a procedure that is performed to replace a damaged heart with a healthy donor heart. Finding a donor heart that matches your body type is difficult. The donor heart should closely match the receiver’s tissue type so that the body doesn’t reject the heart.

How is the procedure performed?

The patient is given general anesthesia, so that the body is deep asleep, then the surgeon makes a cut through the patient’s breastbone.

- The patient is put on a heart-lung bypass machine, while the procedure is being performed on the heart. The machine acts as the heart and lungs by supplying the patient’s body with the blood and needed oxygen, while the heart and the lungs are stopped.

- The patient’s damaged heart is replaced with the donor heart and stitched to its position. Then the bypass machine is removed and the blood passes through the replaced heart, which starts functioning normally by supplying blood and oxygen to the patient’s body.

- The patient’s chest is connected to tubes that drain out air, fluid and blood to the lungs till for a few days till they are fully functional.

What happens post the procedure?

The heart hospitals in Raipur, usually keep the patient in the hospital for 1 to 3 weeks post procedure. The patient is kept under observation for 24 to 48 hours in the intensive care unit (ICU). For a few days after the transplant the patient needs to have close follow-up to make sure the heart functions normally and doesn’t have any kind of infections.

It usually takes 90 days for the patient to recover and most of the times the patient is advised to stay close to the hospital, so that immediate aid is provided in case of any complications. The patient would have to go through regular check-ups for a few years post-transplant.

What are the benefits of a heart transplant?

The heart transplant is not a complete cure. It’s a procedure that is performed when the heart starts functioning abnormally. The patient needs to follow a careful medication for the rest of their life, to avoid complications with the transplanted heart. The transplanted heart increases the patient’s strength, energy and stamina, helps them lead a normal daily life and expands the lifespan of the patient.