Calling All Doctors, Coders, Translators & Others: Join our Global Hackathon to Defeat COVID-19

Connecting physicians & developers globally in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic

Code vs COVID-19: Taking down a Pandemic using machines connected globally to extinguish a biological threat of a super virus
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We are a team of doctors building a decentralized communications tool for fellow doctors and healthcare providers to share information with one another about COVID-19.

Developers, coders, doctors, and providers: Help us deploy this tool and fight the contagion with information.

The most reliable information to protect humanity comes from our frontline physicians in the field at a time when governmental bodies, institutions and public policies need the world to move quickly and break through.

Physicians and medical staff desperately need to share experiences over massive distances across the globe as rapidly as the virus is spreading. As this virus spreads and new data becomes available, this is information that could be crucial to the fight where healthcare resources are limited.

Given that no treatment exists for this virus right now, real-time data of experimental treatments is the only way to get the advantage that physicians need to slow or halt the virus at the forefront. Nth Opinion’s strategy enables computers to become one of the best weapons in defending the patient and arming the physician.

We believe that there is no greater need and better time than now to unite together as a technological species to face mankind’s greatest threat, the pandemic of COVID-19. It is the most urgent need that humanity faces at this time.

Objective of Hackathon: Coders & Developers

Nth Opinion is seeking coders to help service and educate the front line healthcare workers who are tirelessly fighting this pandemic around the world.

UPDATE: The web app has officially registered and approved as a non-profit organization in Canada!

Thank you @JN for launching our public Git. Thank you @YC for seeding the initial source code. Thanks @NTO for making this happen!

Coder talents will revolutionize the current state of the physician electronic toolbox which have been less than par as well as embarrassingly and devastatingly limited. Coding abilities will help develop tools that do not currently exist and directly contribute to the fight against the pandemic that health-care workers are currently tirelessly fighting around the world.

COVID-19 is spreading faster than we can code and our coding physicians are needed in the field with patients, and cannot complete this globally imperative project quickly enough. Please help us finish our code.

Contribute to Hackathon by submitting issues and contributing code. Submitting issues means sending messages about errors in applications and suggesting ways to fix them. Contributing code involves sending pull requests with your corrections and improvements. If you are interested in joining the coding revolution, visit:

All skills are welcomed. Anyone anywhere around the world can contribute to this code. Even non-programmers can contribute. Documentation, translation, design, and community management are all needed. This is a time in our history that many of us have never lived through before, and we are advised that this is only the beginning. This project is poised to be an enormous part of the containment and elimination solution.

If you are interested in helping us with documentation, translation, design, marketing or community management, please join our public Slack channel by clicking on the link below:

HELP NEEDED: Physicians and Health Providers

We invite all physicians and health providers to unite and share information with one another via our app.

Doctors in North America have questions and they need to talk to those in Italy, Hong Kong, and other infected regions.

What are you doing to get around this? What have you tried?

To contribute, please create a physician account and help each other answer questions. Please put your country in your answer.

Our tool is decentralized and borderless so you don’t need to worry about getting approval from administrations.

Our tool will inform other countries what is coming. It will let physicians tell doctors in other countries what they tried. We need information from New York, Holland, Italy, Iran, South Korea, and China.

To contribute as a physician or health provider, please visit our website and register:

About Nth Opinion

Our Mission

  • Connect and educate health providers who require crucial resources and critical first-hand information from the frontlines about COVID-19 in real-time
  • Distribute verified knowledge amongst medical staff who have very specific questions and are unable to find timely and accurate answers
  • Share peer-reviewed, factual, regional resources that are not readily available to the general public

Our Values

Moving beyond authorities and institutions
Real time communications
Decentralized systems
Limitless touchpoints
Sovereign identities

Our Story

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we must trust one another. Discoveries about this pandemic change in a split second. Who’s at risk? How is it spread? How is it tested? What should you do?

Help us put the power into the hands of all people.

Help us complete a tool of life-changing importance in this open source movement that shares real-time knowledge above and beyond what is given to us by government bodies, regional departments, or capitalist decision makers.

A tool built by the people, for the people.

A tool that helps frontline providers working fervently around the clock in crowded ICUs, with minimal supplies and treatment information, to properly care for infected patients. Help us complete a tool to help as many patients as possible survive, by physicians with the same life-saving knowledge around the world.

A tool that helps physicians share knowledge with each other beyond borders.

Vital, life-saving information can not come from policy makers and heads of state who have no actual experience working inside hospital doors. Our tool is in the hands of frontline providers who are willing to share help, advice, and first-hand experience. Multiple opinion sources will save us.

We’re decentralizing the risk for these frontline workers. An open source and distributed communication network for physicians to share opinions and experiences in a public and safe space to protect the sick and at-risk humans to this highly infectious and lethal virus.

Our tool brings crowdsourcing to the people and redistributes the risk in order to give the power back to the frontline. Our tool gives voice to the most important individuals of this global pandemic and the only individuals who should be delivering pertinent information to the entire world: the physicians of COVID-19 patients. There are no voices more powerful in this moment. THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. We entreat you to please help us finish our code.

Share our app with a friend and save a life.
Share our app with a health provider and save
many lives.

If you like to get in touch, please connect with us. We are so thankful you are joining our community!

Roger Ng, MD, Co-Founder
Twitter: @

Ray Ng, MD, Co-Founder

Marc van der Chijs, Co-Founder
Twitter: @marcvanderchijs

Alice, Head of Marketing
Twitter: @



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