Moisture Meditation

Care Skincare
Jul 24 · 2 min read

All this talk about meditation has got me thinking about how we can fit it in — even for a moment — and take a little self-care time for ourselves. I’ve never been great at the meditation part of yoga class (my mind sometimes feels more like a Chihuahua when there’s someone at the door, instead of say a calming, cascading waterfall). But there’s always room for improvement, and always a place to start. I love multi-tasking, and here’s something good for both skin and mind: find a lovely, quiet place in your home and bring a cold glass of water (or perhaps a mug of herbal tea). Turn off your phone, and layer on a generous amount of deliciously addictive, skin-healthy Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream by Care Skincare. You could unwind and/or reflect (eyes open or closed), listen to white noise, whatever makes you feel the most relaxed. After a few minutes, I like to rub the excess moisturizer from my face into my neck or hands, roll my head a little from side to side, and get back to my day. Wishing you a happy five minute Moisture Meditation!

With Thanks & Care,


Bio: Michelle is a former beauty executive and contributing writer who loves being part of the Care Skincare Team. She’s married with two small children who have more energy than all the drinks on a Starbucks menu.

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