The Day of Three Dates

I should first state that it was not my plan to cram 3 dates into one day but it just so happened the best time for them all was a Sunday.
Oct 23rd, The day starts out at 75 degrees so I decide to wear a romper with wedges.

My best friend before my first date

My date is suppose to start at 1:30 pm with Sean and I’m running late (a phrase you will be hearing a lot, in fact take a shot every time I say I’m late, lets make this into a drinking game). I meet Sean at “Kopi” a travel themed bohemian cafe; he stands up as I walk in and is wearing a orange flannel shirt that is loose fitting on his tall frame, his head is shaven, his face is friendly but obviously nervous (maybe I should have dressed down), hes 27 . I order a Lemon bar because I know Ill have plenty of time to eat on my next date and I should try and start the day with something small plus everything else here is mostly vegetables and I just woke up #tooearlyforveggies, He orders chips and guacamole. I give up on my lemon bar halfway through (its much too tangy and I remember why I don’t like them) Sean tho was nice enough to share his guacamole with me. While I’m not a huge fan of guacamole this cafes guacamole isn’t half bad (note to self try more guac).

During the date I notice hes trying not to smile big as to not show his teeth, right before our food arrived I noticed he had taken something from his mouth and put it into a container but I see on his teeth there are something like ridges or bumps on them. I’m enjoying the atmosphere and being casual while Sean keeps the small talk going and ENDLESSLY I might add. (Hes almost frantically looking for more topics) He even asks me what my favorite dish is which I tell him is Mexican chicken; something I only eat once a year and on my birthday because its so bad for you (its a “casserole” with chicken, Velveeta cheese, and Doritos). He asks me about my job and I tell him “I’m a home health aid which basically means I feed and bathe elderly people and make sure they don’t die” and that is how I describe my job in the most boring way possible as to not keep talking about it (iv got this spiel down because my job really isn’t that interesting but most people will go “it takes a very special person to do your job” and I would like to avoid that). I forget sean’s job but i know he works full time from home with marketing and advertising. He asks if Iv “lost anyone on the job yet?” “only the ones Iv murdered” I say “oh really?!” he asks surprised “yeah well thankfully no one looks into their deaths so its easy to get away with” I say proudly.

We settle the check (he offers but I insist) total $6. We walk around the shop in the back of the cafe (like an “earthbound”), I excuse myself to use the bathroom and take the time to check on “Calvin” (The name Iv crudely given my vagina, also known as the crabby Russian man who lives in my pants) Its my last day on my period and I’m also on my last tampon (cause I didn’t want to run to a CVS before my date and show up with a bag of tampons) so far everything seems fine. When I return Sean is waiting a few feet away “oh you’re still here?! That was your chance to escape” I say teasing, he replies “oh darn..I missed it… well I thought I had a bit more time to look around before you came back.” “what a shame you couldn’t make it” I say . “haha well now I need to use the restroom” but before he closes the door I tell him “Lets see if I can make it out before you do” teasing again, he laughs but while hes in the bathroom I go around the corner to hide..and look at some hemp bags, when he finds me and says “oh there you are!” “oh no you found me, I wanted you to think I ran off” I say smiling “oh….you got me” he says shyly (aww man I think he might be too sweet for me to tease which is a shame because I cant stop myself because as a comedian everything that I do I think is funny).

We decide to leave the cafe and walk around Andersonville since its so nice outside, 10 min later I remember there’s an ice cream shop a block away (well more like 5 min and I may have realized this before the date but now is my chance for ice cream because I refuse to keep any in the house and stop judging me!) thankfully he seems excited by this idea as well, inside “Georges ice cream and sweets” I get a pretzel cone that Sean suggests, he tells me he’d

Silk ice cream in a pretzel cone

like to review restaurants and be a food critic but that hes not good at words and would end up describing food with words like “good” and “yummy” I think this is why we all arnt food critics), I get “silk” and he gets “birthday cake” which might be the craziest version of birthday cake Iv seen, more like a 4 year olds birthday cake cause its vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and swirls of blue! Sean lets me have a taste and it tastes like blue sweetness if you can imagine a color having a taste. Total cost $4.15

After ice cream we go into a Indy art store (that is set up more as a museum with items like Chicago themed coasters, vinyl, and nude black and white photography) while inside I use my riffing abilities and we talk about the cubs going to the championship. “the cubs haven’t won the championship in 108 years” he tells me “Yeah I remember “ “you were there?” “Yes I’m over 108 years old” “you look great for your age” “On the outside yes but internally im dying” we both laugh, then I say with complete seriousness “no but really my organs are all failing” “is that why we are still on this date?” “Yea im not attracted to you in the least I just need your organs” “Am I going to wake up with a slit in my side and a missing kidney?” he asks bemused “you’v figured out my plan” “as long as it gets me another date” with his remark I bust out laughing so hard I can barely breath, the stores manager/curator is looking at me and soon after we leave after looking at everything.

Next we head to a candy store where we pick up candy cigarettes to be like the cool kids since we both don’t smoke but more so for nostalgia. We walk out the store and down the street “smoking” a candy cigarette each, passing a smoke and hookah shop I suggest we smoke our cigarettes in here, two women see this and chuckle and so we keep walking since now iv been satisfied with a audience. I look at my phone to check the time; its 4:40 I tell him I have to meet a friend at 5 and he walks me to the train station even tho he drove and we pass his car he still walks me all the way. I know this might be rude but I have to know what those bumps are on his teeth I saw earlier so I ask him and he tells me they are for invisalign, hes had them for 12 weeks and is halfway done. I change the subject with a joke “I expect when we pass your car to see a uber sticker on it” he bursts out with “oh! like I paid an uber driver to wait while I go on a date like “Ill be back in 4 hours! wait here!” man this is gonna be an expensive date” I literally have to stop in the middle of the sidewalk to hold onto a wooden fence while I hold my side because I feel like I’m about to pee myself from laughing so hard. Continuing onto the train station the wind picks up and blows open the top of my romper which was being held my a single button. I don’t know how long my top was open, hopefully no more than a second but I scramble to button my top before any cars, joggers, or my date see which is pretty hard when you’re walking in heels and the button is impossible to find and click in place! It takes a while…like a WHILE…After Iv tried smoothly to not embarrass myself I ask him if he saw anything “I did see. But I just thought I was doing really well on this date” and again I bust out laughing (I don’t know what it is about this guy that’s making me find what he says hysterical I think maybe its his almost serious delivery at everything he says) btw this is the bra and panties I was wearing that day; color in black and white (I went all out).

At the station right before we say goodbye he says “would you like to see me again?” I laugh nervously because he seems exactly the guy to ask that question before the date has actually ended and also hes caught me off guard, he asks honestly why that made me laugh “ha..well…usually that’s asked later like a day or two through text in case the answer is no so its less awkward”

Kortney who provided support that day

“ha..yea..sorry it is a bit awkward.. I wasn’t thinking…but were you having a good time before I made it awkward?” he asks “yes I was having a lot of fun!” I say genuinely with a smile on my face. We hug and I look up at him to kiss me goodbye while still in this embrace which I can see he wants to do. He give me a peck on the lips as im about to lean out of the hug but feels like it might have been more if he hadn’t thought for that second when he paused. we awkwardly and adorably say goodbye.

at least Cody has got his head straight

On the train I text Cody, because guess whose running late again (take a shot) and I also take this time to text my friend Kortney

Thankfully hes running late too. I assume the Irish bar im meeting him (called F. O’Mahony’s) is in Wrigley field with the other 20 Irish bars but turns out its in boys town (which made my walk much more enjoyable because as I pass a bar with male gogo dancers at 5 pm in the evening and the windows are open for all to see #pridebaby).

Finding an Irish bar in boys town

As you can see I really fucked up on directions but when I get there Cody is waiting at a small table with a beer. He is average height also with a shaven head, a nose piercing, a lip piercing and a great smile, he has a boyish look about him when he smiles otherwise his maturity matches his age which is 26. We hug and say hello, he asks if Id prefer to stay inside or go outside. I suggest we go outside since its still beautiful out even tho the temperature has dropped to 65 degrees and the sun is going down. Our chicken and fries arrive and I order a cocktail.

blackberry mixed drink

Cody is a lead software engineer from Missouri ( I think) who moved here for his job. As we make small talk a never ending small parade of dogs is being walked right by us and my roommate will tell you I get an instant smile on my face when I see a dog and apparently Cody does too, he tells me he loves dogs and has one, I tell him “I like dogs as long as they arnt mine and I don’t have to train them but otherwise I love them” I mention that I have a cat which he lets me talk about (and instead of telling you about my cat I think Ill just make a page for her :P). The rest of the conversation isn’t terribly exciting but is relaxing, besides we are both too busy trying to eat chicken from a basket with a fork and knife. When the waiter brings over the check Cody takes a look at it unfavorably (I think he may have ordered a beer too many for what he thought they probably cost) and pulls out his card. I offer to split it which he quickly agrees with my total $20 (although in honesty I think mine would have been $14 but its fine).

We take a walk around the neighborhood which is really just around his building before he invites me up to meet his dog. Iv been lured into a mans apartment with less but YAYYY A DOG! His apartment is nice with new shiny utilities, simply decorated and organized (it has a minimalist design and feel). We take our shoes off at the door. I notice a puzzle which gets me excited because I love doing puzzles, he tells me its his partners. Cody lets his dog out from her cage and she comes running to me (shes not huge but she is a medium/big dog)but I have to excuse myself to use the bathroom and pee. When I come back Cody and I sit on the couch, he asks if id rather he put on music or a show? I say music, he puts on “evening chill” a spotify playlist that I end up really digging. His dog is trying to play with us by bringing her toys over and wanting to be petted, shes really excited and jumping around everywhere! (im really enjoying it) but I know Cody is trying to find a way to make a move so we try and calm her down, he gets up and grabs a bag of treats which get her attention, he instructs her to “sit” and “stay still” he places a treat on the floor and instructs her to look at him as he moves away…she goes for the treat instead haha, he does it again but says it more stern fully this time she waits until he gives her permission. (I should note that I once slept with a guy and immediately got dressed so I could play tug a war with his two huge dogs and remarked “maybe if you put your dogs on your tinder you’ll get more matches” because although a guy can have a bad personality its unlikely his dog does too).

Once his dog is out of our hair he puts his arm around me and we cuddle for 2 seconds before he asks “do you want to make out?” “sure” I say then his lips meet mine while he brings my legs onto the couch and firmly runs his hands along the curves of my calves, one of my hands is on his shoulder, the other is caressing his face (hes a good kisser), he asks if I want to go to his bedroom (and here comes the awkward part) “well…its kind of the last day of shark week for me” he shrugs and says “that’s fine”. I excuse myself to the bath room so I can remove my tampon and make sure Calvin is presentable, I think ill be all right ( fingers crossed). Inside his bedroom the music is still playing (fun fact about me this is perfect as I prefer to have music on during sex). When we are both nude I notice that he has some stretch marks on his stomach that are pretty extreme for someone that is as fit as he (I later find out he had lost 100 ibs #inspiration). He has a firm grip and can make me lift myself up with one hand around my neck, I can tell I can be playful with him and he might enjoy the challenge of me being bratty so as we are winding down after sex and he leans in to kiss me I let him but lightly bite his lower lip and bump my nose up against his as a dare. He starts to grin and leans in again but this time I turn my head, he grabs my neck and pushes me back so that im laying down on my back, while hes over me I use my thighs to push him away (probably the strongest part of my body) we wrestle for a bit until he wins and we continue to cuddle.

​Getting dressed and ready to go I head to the bathroom and Cody mentions that there are feminine care products under the sink his partner has left. Sure enough I find a pad, no tampons unfortunately and the pad is the night time ones with the extra padding that’s two feet long and has like 6 wings but if it means not sticking toilet paper by Calvin I guess it will do. While I’m in the bathroom I notice a bruise on my neck. Damn! I should have warned him my neck bruises easily plus my paleness doesn’t help. This bruise showed up quick too and is purple, Thankfully its right where my hair falls so maybe I can hide it for my next date. I tell him I’m bruised for which he sincerely apologizes and looks sorry. I ask him about his “Partner” and he tells me has 3 sexual partners but has a main one who isn’t a girlfriend but just the one who he has been with the longest and that he likes being with all his partners and texting them (he also tells me I should feel free to text him if Id like to) a true polly. We talk about domination and as iv told him and hes figured out im submissive but bratty which he tells me he enjoys (I’m glad to hear this because when playing with someone who is a dom some prefer a complete submissive while another would rather have a slave but few have patience for someone who would want to “aggravate”, “challenge”, or “tease” their play partner) as he walks me to the train station he tells me “doming isn’t just the physical or mental aspect of play but the care of well being for your sub too” I can see why he has 3 partners, I hope I see him again hes a nice guy and a great dom (which is hard to find).

Every time I read this I want a burger

I’m on the train at 8 pm and have an hour to kill before my next date so I go to a sonic to get a route 44 cherry water and take a breather. The temperature has dropped to 58 degrees and windy, its too cold in this short jumper with bare legs to take the L so I take a uber to barrelhouse flat instead.

I get there at 9:35 pm (5 min late #takeashot) he stands up to hug me and I mention that I need to throw my cup away for which he replies flatly “yes you do”, well okay! I know exactly who you are just by your first sentence. I give my huge Styrofoam cup to the bartender to be thrown away and sit next to Kyle, hes drinking a pisco sour, I take a moment to look over the cocktail menu for something that’s girly and decide on “mercury retrograde” and take this opportunity to ask his star sign, he snickers like I already knew he would “Gemini” (interesting since im a Sagittarius) “you don’t believe in that stuff do you?” “no of course not, doesn’t mean it isn’t fun tho” I say slyly. Kyle is 32 and in grad school to be a nurse practitioner, he just go off his shift, went home showered and came here, hes wearing a button up shirt under a sweater and looks like a short faced Patrick Carney but with rimless glasses, lucky for him I’m somewhat into this nerdy look plus a masters degree is pretty attractive on anyone. On his tinder profile it says hes not interested in a relationship which is hard to believe because Kyle doesn’t look handsome enough to fuck regularly unless he would have more to offer.

I ask him about his shift since hes sitting tense and out comes a groan “my shift was fine until the end!” in short he tells me how he had to do a rape kit and since most women shower and change their clothes before coming to the emergency room it makes his job almost useless (he sounds frustrated but I can tell hes upset as well). I don’t like these bar stools its hard for us to face each other and converse plus the music is loud and I don’t have the best hearing so I ask if he’d mind we move to a booth (where the music is still too high) but at least in a booth I can lean in closer to hear which I do with my leg leaning on his and crossed under myself. The bars lighting is seductive with the bar completely dark except for hanging Edison bulbs. Judging from the bar he has chosen, to what hes wearing, to his stiffness and remarks I judge him to be an arrogant intelligent snob but I think maybe I can find something good about him. Kyle teaches a class to undergrads to help decrease the cost of his phd, I know this because he tells me “one of my students is sitting at that table over there” he gestures to a young woman whose table is facing ours, shes sitting alone reading, and he continues with “this might get awkward” although I cant imagine how since our body language is the opposite of each others; I’m sitting completely turned facing him with an open posture, hes sitting forward closing off his body with his hands on his glass with rare glances to me when he speaks, that is until he takes the hand closest to me and rests it on my leg. I ask him about his hobbies, I cant remember his answer

but he asks me the same question but with an infraction “so? what are your hobbies? hedonism?” “hedonism?!…uh I guess a bit of that yes” I laugh nervously and look behind him trying to avoid eye contact because now hes looking at me and so I turn my head so as to hide the bruise on my neck I fear he has already seen. I guess the previous small talk wasn’t interesting enough for him to watch and read my reaction. I try and search for something else to talk about but before I can do so he asks me “what are your kinks” now hes fully facing me and I feel the air change “you first” I say cowardly, he reaches into the back of his mind and produces a list that satisfies him “breath play, domination, exhibitionism, public sex” the list gets interesting and now its my turn “I like…most of that…and impact play” he raises an eyebrow “impact play?…really?!” somewhere in the past couple of minutes hes turned on his charm, has stopped analyzing me and is trying to draw me out. He grabs the back of my head and kisses me hard, the kiss doesn’t last long but at the end of it he asks “do you want to get out of here” “what? right now?!” I say taken aback “that’s not a no” he says smirking “no its not but you have caught me off guard” “so whats your answer?” he asks this in a uncaring tone as if my answer will not impact how the rest of the night goes “give me a minute, im flustered” but the truth is I’m trying to think of a way to take back control of the exchange of power that just happened, he does not want to wait, he grabs me again except this time after the kiss he moves to my neck and nuzzles it, at this moment I feel all eyes on me, I lock eyes with a woman in the next booth with her friends who seems to be the only one of the group who has caught this act, the bartender who made my drink looks away as I spot him, my eyes dart to the student but shes gone…and I think I know the exact moment right when she left. “whats wrong” he asks but not quite as a question “My aunt flo is in town” “so?” “well some guys care a lot about that” “just put a towel down” (I think ill get that phrase cross stitched) #menthinktheyaresuchgenius

We go to the front to split the bill $14, the days total $44.15 not including my water or uber #feministsarebroke while the bartender is running our cards I head to the bathroom to chuck the huge pad because with this guy I don’t want to be caught off guard and hear crumpling if he grabs my ass, the pad is completely white except for a bit of spotting but I still don’t trust my body so it looks like its toilet paper duty for Calvin. When I get back from the bathroom and walk towards Kyle I notice how intimidating he is while standing, its not that hes tall but his posture somehow expresses his ego while his face is one that rarely gives expression. We leave the bar and are hit with the cold, its now dropped to 52 degrees “we should run by your apartment so you can change if im gonna have you out all night” at least hes considerate and thank god because im freezing with only a hoodie to keep me warm and no protection for my legs. As we walk to the train station every couple of blocks he finds a new way to tease me, he grabs me by the waist and kisses me and when hes through im spun around and hes walking away as if nothing happened #whatanasshole, this is not the nerd I thought I was having drinks with. The next time he kisses me is when hes pushed me into a shadowed wall wheres hes pinned my hands by my side, lord help me if every couple of blocks hes making my heart jump out of my chest.

Finally we get on the train, full of plenty of people and too bright for there to be any dark corners. I think im safe until I realize that I live on the last train stop which means every few minutes there are fewer and fewer people on this car, when we get to the stop before mine there is only two other people on the train, a couple; 5 feet away sitting laterally with the train doors in between us. Kyle takes the opportunity to take advantage; he forces his hand inside my hoodie to cup my breast while he pulls my chin to align my face to his and kiss me, he finishes kissing me when the automated voice calls our stop, I look over to the woman who looks away shocked that I saw her stairing and looks to have been in mid sentence with her boyfriend as if to tell him what was going on a few feet away from them, the boyfriend doesn’t seem to care and looks oblivious (this is the difference between men in women, men not caring and women be too aware of our surroundings). walking to my apartment he asks his place or mine, if its his we will have to be very quiet because of his roommate and his roommates boy friend but if we do go there we would have to be very quiet and spend the night on his enclosed porch which has a bed in it. I tell him my place isn’t an option because my roommate is home (which is true but also my roommate doesn’t care so I lied) The real reason is because my room is embarrassingly messy and so is the bathroom.

Once in my building and up the stairs he thrusts me down gently so that I’m strewn along the stairs and he can get to second base, in the 6 months that Iv lived here I have only seen another tenant twice so I am not worried about being caught (plus the stairs are so creaky its not like anyone can sneak up). I am however getting aggravated at being molested at every turn, I tell him he needs to slow down or hes gonna wear me out before we even do anything. Opening the door to my apartment I see my roommate get up to go to the kitchen from the living room, Kyle stands in the hallway as I hurry to close the door before my roommate sees him as my roommate is overly friendly and would try to say hello but before I can close it all the way my roommate says to me “How did your dateS go” I give my roommate a panicked look and loudly whisper that my last date is still outside the door so shhh. He apologizes then tries to ask me about my day but I explain im in too much of a hurry to tell him about it. In my room I pick a pair of pants, boots, a shirt and coat from the pile on the floor, I guess I took a bit longer than I thought because right as I’m walking to the door I get a text.

Outside the door the game is back on as Kyle presses his body against mine so that I am on the wall and whispers in my ear “I dare you to go nude under this coat” now I’m no chicken but its 48 degrees and windy so no thank you, he respects this decision but seems disappointed. Since Kyles roommates still may be awake we decide to walk to his apartment instead of take the train which is about a 15 min walk which isn’t too bad as I take off my coat less than 5 min in because im not freezing as bad with my legs covered. For some reason my adrenaline is pumping and my anxiety has turned into giddiness, Kyle on the other hand has calmed down so I use this opportunity to distract him with idle conversation so as to not be molested again during this walk, which for the most part works. I try and think of the nerdiest thing im into and so we talk about star trek. Surprise, Surprise bill gates here knows every spin off of the series and we both are have an opinion about “Star Trek: Enterprise” where his opinion is that they didn’t know how to write a good arc in the span of an hour and instead created one multi episode problem for the crew to solve, I tell him that I stopped watching when I could see the Vulcan female’s erect nipples through her shirt in the first episode.

At his apartment he goes inside to check if the coast is clear and leads me to the porch quietly. In this dark room softly lit by the street lamps he drags a twin mattress from a frame onto a box spring on the floor. He lays me down on it and undresses my coat, shirt, and bra to cup and kiss my breasts (this is just a guess but I think he might be a boob guy) he then excuses himself to use the bathroom and I use this time to undress the rest of my clothes like the full adult woman I am! (and also I don’t want him to see my tummy’s muffin top over my pants.) I remove the bit of toilet paper from my underwear and put it in my pants back pocket (a few dots of blood but nothing to worry about as long as my body isn’t bluffing). He comes back with a towel and asks “Do you have any hard No’s” a question commonly asked in the bdsm community when playing with someone for the first time. “no spitting, no hard slapping, don’t make fun of my dirty talk and with name calling you can say whore or slut as long as you put “my dirty little” in front of it as that implies possessiveness and control and not that I’m having sex with every guy in town” (sign here, here, and here) just kidding but its a hard list to rush through in a quick convo when you’re naked. Foreplay is breast play when your aunt is in town so lets skip over that since iv definitely have had enough of it and I’m sure you have too so lets just fast forward to him looking for a condom (although sometimes that feels like foreplay too! am I right ladies?!). Before he inserts himself (god I am so good with words) I try and warn him “you may not last a long the first time” (theres no cool way of saying that but id rather tell them before they feel embarrassed afterwards) “why? are you really tight?” “yeah” “that’s not a problem for me” (challenge accepted!) The first round goes really great that I’m actually surprised, not only is he able to last but he has unbelievable stamina and actually changed up the positions that didn’t require me to move around too much or was limited to the basic two most guys seem to know which is missionary and doggy.

After sex Kyle pulls a quilt over us and pulls me tight which is ideal since the temperature outside and on this porch drops to 43 degrees that night but boy did it feel great in the literal heat of the moment. When the sun rises my eyes are dry because I forgot my contact case at home and its hard to sleep comfortably, plus I have to pee really bad (and I want to see if my aunt really did leave last night) buuuuut I cant do any of this util his roommates leave. Around 7:30 am the birds are chirping, the sun is fully up and I hear a car start and drive off. Must be his roommate as he gets up to check if the coast is clear and I stand up but immediately sit back down because in the sunlight I can see that this porch is actually a sun room with no curtains so I sit back down to put on my panties and coat and rush to his side so he can lead me to the bathroom. I blink 200 times to moisten my contacts, I check Calvin with great relief to see absolutely no blood and pee with a smile on my face. Kyle and I finish getting dressed and agree to go back to my place because my roommate wont be home (but really its because contacts and I want to be in my queen bed). Waiting for the train I look in my phones reflection to see that half of my left fake eyelash is coming off (I forgot I had even put them on yesterday) so I tear them off to hear a response from Kyle with sarcasm “Oh no! you’re not pretty anymore!” (yea yea I know men hate fake eyelashes but fuck off I love them). A few blocks before we get to my apartment I see my roommate leave and he sees us but but doesn’t do anything embarrassing like waive (thank god!) I make Kyle wait in the living room while I throw everything in my closet and get the 10 makeup bags off my bed, I ask him if he wants to look through my collection of lingerie (listen I’m a simple girl who likes makeup and frilly things) he declines because he wouldn’t know what would look good on me and that he’d rather me be naked. I am perfectly fine with my body and love it even if my curves are a size 16/18 but I love lingerie even more. So after im done with my room I go into the bathroom to change into this purple outfit (which I recommend to everybody especially if you have an hourglass figure and are plus size) and to check my hair and makeup; my hair is frizzy but in a sexy way and my makeup is still somewhat on but at least its not smeared #Ilookfuckableenough.

In the living room when he sees what I’m wearing hes pretty impressed and remarks later that it suits my body very nicely. He comes over to me and moves behind me to push me toward the 3 large windows facing the streets and presses me against them I anxiously tell him that even tho there’s no one outside my landlord does like to come by in the mornings and I would like to continue living here. Inside the bedroom the dirty talk gets interesting and dominant “who do you belong to?” “what are you for?” “whose cock do you need” (yes I am blushing while typing this I’m sorry if I made you blush reading it.) Now Im not one of those women who is crazy about choking but I do like trying it every once in a while, breath play is a bit more serious in that its not cutting off the blood flow like choking but cutting off the wind pipes and with Kyle being a nurse he is an expert at cutting off air (like he’s TOO good at it) and it turns out I am much more of a pussy than I thought because I don’t last long without air before my fight or flight response kicks in and I literally have to tap out.

Calvin has been pretty sensitive for a few months (because my birth control has messed up my hormones so badly its caused vaginitis) so after sex it hurts and feels like I have a friction burn. Each time we have sex its hurting a bit more but I’m trying to tough it out and convince myself the pain isn’t so bad (the pain from sex usually lasts a few hours or till the next day but doesn’t hurt unless I touch it), I should also mention I didn’t bring this pain up until the 5th time we had sex cause I was trying to be cool but after the 6th time I’m hurting pretty bad but try and ease sex with a whole lot of lube (it does not help much) so after the 7th time I do not want to have sex anymore because im in so much pain. He seems to think the pain im feeling isn’t as bad as im describing it (Im sure hes used to hearing from people with a low pain tolerance), instead he tries doing something he probably thought was sexy and tries pulling me on top of him, but even his dick grazing me makes me double over in pain and almost cry. In between every time we have sex Kyle is holding me close and brushing my hair, hes being very attentive which is a rare treat because I love to be touched (hands to me are almost like a kink) he also takes this time to compliment me and asks “Why are you so damn sexy” then tells me I’m witty, lovely, intelligent and the best sex hes had in years. While having sex iv been looking at his face and have noticed something about his eyes, while we are cuddling I look at his eyes again since now I can focus on them “what?” he asks me “your eyes…” I reply; confused “what about them?” “they look SO cold…..they have no depth” I say almost worried, he doesn’t let the comment phase him but knowing what I do now I’m glad I said it.

Final thoughts:
All 3 of these men were very different from each other from the timid sweat heart, the endearing poly, to the aggressive dom. I cant wait to tell you about the other dates I had with these men. Write in the comments and be as honest as I have but please no negativity as I try to find the positivity in my life and decisions. And yes all these guys were real with every detail being honest (this stuff is too embarrassing to make up)