This is where we start. I’ve been told for years that I should blog so I figured, fuggit. Why not, right? It’s 2017.

As yew may have noticed, I used the word ‘we’ because yew are here, too- so thanks for joining me. I’m giving this an honest shot, as I have tried in the past (many ty-taynies) to blog but I guess it just wasn’t the time.

But au contraire. The time is now.

Working in 30- Life. Isn’t it something? I am I am blessed to see 30. My 20’s flew by and for the most part, it was good. Much of my focus was serving others and handling whatever came my way. Nah bruh, not this decade. This time around it’s all things CaressDeez. Join me on a journey to becoming my best and well self. Physically, emotionally, creatively, professionally, financially, intellectually — just add alllll the -lly’s you can think of, ok? I’ll share my struggles, stresses, and successes with you as I become a better me.

CaressDeez Crafts- Anyone who knows me (which will be many of you soon), knows that I identify as something of a crafter. I often fill my time with creating things for people usually just because. Many are miscellaneous and dependent on the person, occasion, and budget! Miscellaneous meaning whatever I am into in the current moment, which could range from handmade cross-stitched vulva necklaces to custom mini herb gardens — randomness at its finest, folks. I’m a typical Millenial, I just want to show all of yew what I can dew! Join me in my creative journies! ::clears throat:: Also, I just may post some for sale, because Millenial.

This is all that I know for now as to what yew all could look forward to (and I am low-key freaking out because I usually would prefer to know exactly) and this is why I’m letting y’all know now that this can all change- yew gone have to just wait and see, I guess.


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