EU Clone vs. China Clone Fgtech Galletto v54

This is FGtech Galletto 4 v54 PCB design and component position from EU to China.

Galletto V54 EU clone:

Eu pcb its Gold immersion and not hot air surface level like China. You can change a lot of parts but will not be the same

FGtech Galletto 4 V54 china clone:

Galletto V54 china version 1:

Galletto V54 china version 2:

Galletto china version 1 and version 2 cannot work at all, so totally crap. Usually have wrong components !! and missing components !!

Both need PCB rework for use!!

Galletto V54 china version 3:

This one from obdii365

OBDII365.COM, sells two different versions of Galletto v54, from different manufacturers:
(note: on the site, the pictures for both items are the same, but the fgtech galletto version differs in the leds and package, please check below for correct details)

Item No. SE61-GB is the one, that has red led next to the power connector, and a green and yellow leds, on the other side, and comes without power adapter and comes in a white box.
Item No. SE61-G is the other version they sell, it comes in a brown box, has a power adapter for bench work, and has a green led, next to the power connector, and a red and yellow leds on the other side. This version is a little more expensive… Just a couple of euros… Maybe it’s because it has the power adapter also…

Fgtech v54 reviews: (incl. SE61-G, SE61-GB)

Galletto v54 CLONE

So far all good up to today:

Did Alfa 147 immo off (k line /boot mode)-100%

clone iveco edc16 BDM -100%

Mercedes 308 benz sprinter edc5c2– k-line / flash file — 100%

VW crafter obd read flask — 100%

Opel Corsa-D CAN — Obd read -100%

BMW 320D E46 — BDM Clone ecu’s K-line obd read and Write — 100%

Tested my FGTech Galletto V54
Golf Plus 2006 2.0TDI → OBD CAN WORK — Read & Write
BMW X5 2007 3.0TDI → OBD CAN WORK — Read & Write
EDC16c9(Opel) OBD CAN-R/W — OK
EDC16c9(Opel) BDM-R/W — OK
EDC15P(VW Bora)K line R/W — OK
EDC16c3(Peugeot 307 1.4HDI)–K line and BDM R/W 100% correct

V54 china clone
audi s3 med9.1 read/write ok obd
mercedes glk delphi CRD2 read/write ok obd
peugeot 207 edc16c34 read/write ok obd
golf6 edc17cp14 read/write ok obd

EDC16c3(peugeot)K line — only ecu data — Galletto mini EU version Portugal(my A…..s)
EDC16U1(VW Touran)K line — -only ecu data ,no read

FG V54 with these components that all works: jtag BDM Boot OBD

tested Galletto v54 with Siemens PPD1.2, OK for me

Galletto v54 worked on Z22SE Vectra B

VW Golf5 1.9TDI OBD r/w Flash — 100%
Audi 2009, Tiguan 2009, Passat 2009, Golf 6 2009, all EDC17 read/write via OBD2 with Galletto v54 China without problems.

Sure edc17cp04 and edc17cp14 year 2009 can read-write in obd.
But edc17cp20, edc17cp44,etc, etc same year, have tricore protected active, and if you write in obd, ecu bloqued.

i tried today Passat b7 1.6 tdi 2011 , pcr 2.1.but can`t read flash via obd.but if i select vw GOlF 6 pcr 2.1 or VW caddy pcr 2.1 read flash good. like audi A3 can`t read too.