How to Unlock BMW Cas3 Remote PCF7945 key

This PAM MasterKeyIII MK3 software allows to upload firmware to a new or used chip for required type of OEM Remote Key. MKII is able to unlock:

Bmw (2006–2011) E Series (Cas3 — Cas3+)
Genuine(Original) Smart 3 Button Remote Key
Pcf7952 (Keyless)

Here is the instruction on BMW Cas3 Remote Keys (PCF7945 & PCF7952) unlock.

Place BMW Cas3 remote key chip PCF7945 & PCF7952 on MKIII Main unit

Open MK3 software, press test transponder icon, you can see current remote chip is locked

Connect the test clips with BMW CAS3 remote key chip

Keep holding until process completed

Go to MKIII software, select Utilities tab->Programmers->PCF79xx Key Firmware Downloader

Select firmware: BMW->5WK49127 E-series 315MHz,chip making: PCF7945C05

Press on transponder icon to test transponder

Operation completed successfully

Remove test flips from remote chip

You can check, it is unlocked now. (Open Masterkey III multiplexer software,press on test transponder icon)

MK3 is a FIRST AND ONE device which can unlock OEM REMOTES!
-Toyota&Lexus Smartkeys (All Typies 4D or H-DST128)
-Mitsubishi Smartkeys, 
-Hyundai Kia Smart Keys, 
-GM Group, 
-BMW (E Series + F Series) 
-Audi BCM2 SmartKeys, 
-Chrysler Group

Also its a Transponder Cloner and Key Maker from dump files!

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