Kess v2 pinout to John Deere Service EDL 7215R 9 Pin cable

How to connect kess v2 on John Deere Service ADVISOR Electronic Data Link (EDL) V2 7215R(9 pin) for reading? John Deere 9 pin cable connection.. Here you go.

This is a bad John Deere 7215R, not working. No wires to some pins

This is the manual connection from alientech Kess V2 master:

It’s the 2014 year

Here you see how to connect.

the 7r series is non Premium tractors so you must use the pinout on the left Picture.

Where can you buy one adapter for John Deere 9 pin to do your cable?

In Google “John Deere 9 pin cable” or “J1939 female”, many webs can be found there like

it’s a high-quality one, definitely working fine, tested by professionals.