Porsche Piwis Program Windows up down with lock

With the Durametric Porsche piwis cable Chinese, possible to Windows up/down with lock unlock? How to do it? Here you go.


program the windows up and down with the lock button


Porsche 997


the clone version of the Durametric cable (Chinese also call it Porsche Piwis cable)

Step-by-step how to’s:

Here is the coding for the windows and doors. Once for using the key fob and once using the key in the door lock. Has to be done for each door and each key.

Windows open/close with the key in the door lock

First CU (Required for all window options):


Coding => Comfort via radio remote control => (Currently set to lock or inactive) => Change to Release (Note: The wording maybe “Active” depending on PIWIS version but for all Release = Active and Inactive = Lock).

Coding => Comfort function Window => As above set to release

Coding => Door and Window Comfort Function => As above set to release for each key required.

Windows open/close using the remote control

OK back to the window functions, the next steps have to be coded for each door separately so I will only list it once:

CU = Drivers Door / Passenger Door:

(Window Open)

Coding => Open Comfort => Set to release as before

(Window Close)

Coding => Close Comfort => Set to release as before