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This article is the first of two explainer articles, to offer a complete picture of how a blockchain bill of lading is created and transferred, and what the legal implications of this method are. The second article will go into detail about the legal implications of a global, electronic bill of lading solution.

There are plenty of occasions when someone asks about the legality and the technicalities of the electronic, blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading, as implemented by CargoX on its CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT).

To answer this question, it is best to first outline the technical design of this global, neutral, public blockchain platform, and show how the document encryption, transfer, and global decentralized document repository work.

This article will explain the meaning of the decentralized document repository on the IPFS, document tokenization with non-fungible tokens, blockchain ownership transfer, and the legal aspects of this type of solution deployed in the global trade, shipping, and finance. …


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Blockchain solutions for Logistics industry. We are reshaping the future of global trade with the world’s first blockchain Bill of Lading.

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