Back in 2011 Čeferin Was Not Eligible, They Faked It As If He Were

This is a follow-up to my Aleksander Čeferin, Full of Lies? article — triggered by the Josimar — demonstrating solid online evidence that Aleksander Čeferin faked his NZS CV in 2011 and kept faking it ever since. (I just heard that he threatened to sue Josimar. That’s really funny. On what basis and on which jurisdiction? I’m pretty sure it’s a false threat, because if he sues, he can’t win and his forgery would be proven by the courts.)

Below you will find a past article from the Slovenian daily Delo, dating back to February 8, 2011. Just 9 days before the Slovenian Football Federation election, in 2011.

Reporter Rok Šinkovc questions Čeferin’s eligibility and quotes Čeferin himself regarding his candidacy.

Key Findings:

  1. The football related executive experience requirement is reported to be 3 years, not 5 like Josimar initially reported. 
    Čeferin tells the reporter that being “active in football” is subject to interpretation and he “relatively” meets the criteria as he simultaneously had to executive roles at two different clubs, meaning he had a combined executive experience of 3 years. [Which is indeed proved to be limited to just 2 months at Olimpija, right before the NZS election.]
  2. Čeferin does not mention at all about his role at NK FC Ljubljana Lawyers, the veteran Sunday League team.
  3. In this interview Čeferin himself denies the combined total of 20 years of executive board membership at 3 different clubs, appearing on both his NZS and UEFA CV’s. [2 counts of 2005–2011 and 1 count of 2006–2011]

UPDATE II: Originally I didn’t have the old NZS Statutes, then I found the amended 2012 Election Statute, and later the original 2010 Election Statute. Both say “active in football” and “3 years”, so the related articles of the statute are unchanged. At least he’s telling the truth about that.

Article 3:
(4) A candidate for President of the NZS and the Vice-President of the NZS can only be a citizen of the Republic Slovenia, which is election day eighteen years, is active in football at least 3 years and was not convicted of an offense.
Article 3.4 of NZS 2010 Election Statute
Article 13:
(3) The candidates for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the NZS must submit before their candidacy: 

Statement and evidence that they are active in football at least 3 years.
Article 13.3 requires a [written] statement & evidence for 3 years of football activity

I’d like to see the evidence & the statement presented. And by the way, according to the above article it’s legally clear that 3 simultaneous “active years” can not be accumulated as being “active in football for 3 years” as ‘Čeferin the lawyer’ claims — with just 2 months of post-haste Olimpija board membership by the way — , which might also mean that a youth football player aged 18, very much actively playing since 15 years old, might have been elected NZS president.

The original article was momentarily behind a paywall, so I digged the Google cache version [it now seems the paywall is lifted]. After Google translating it to English — from Slovenian, I tried to edit it for some meaning, as much as I can. So regarding any translation errors, I do apologize in advance and I would appreciate any native Slovenian feedback.

I only edited and quoted here the important parts — regarding Čeferin’s eligibility and his executive experience. The rest is still Googlish. You can find the screenshots of both this one and the original at the bottom.


See Jure Janković (upper right) — the Mayor’s son — initially thought to be in Čeferin’s dream team, but finds himself in the middle of a corruption scandal in October 2010

Do We Know What We Are Doing or Are We Being Misled?
[Se zaveda ali je zaveden?]

In 10 days, the lawyer Aleksander Čeferin will become Slovenian Football Association (NZS) President [sole candidate left in the race]. Actually, there will be an election to determine the successor of Ivan Simič, who resigned last year. But this election will be quite controversial — due to the statutes of the association, underlying the criteria for presidential candidates.

The 43 year old lawyer from Grosupljega, is indeed the leader of the largest law firm in Slovenia. However will he be able to make the most important sports organization’s operation less controversial than last year?

Rok Šinkovc. | Tue, February 8, 2011, 19:03

For those of you looking for “a hair in the egg”, the issue is Čeferin’s eligibility: From an ethical perspective, because in the past he represented Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), Rome [like in Vatican? or Italian?]and Slovenia’s biggest tycoons; from an official perspective, he does not fulfill the the association’s criteria for eligibility. Asked about this Čeferin replies:

“The statutes of the NZS note that a candidate must be involved actively in football for at least three years. I meet this criteria. The concept of active is relative. Long enough to work at the Executive Board of one club, but I am also an active member on the board of another.” — Aleksander Čeferin

The first board of directors which he was a member of was the Litije Futsal Club. “But Smolnikar is not standing behind me, that’s funny.” says Aleksander Čeferin. [Who might Smolnikar be? The President of UO KMN Lesna Industrija Litija was and is Samantha Tina Lovše]

The second was at Olimpija — where at the request of Izet Rastoder and Francija Zavrl — he worked for several months. “Rastoder and Zavrl asked me to help them in getting money, because I know a lot of people, but if I’m elected to the NZS, I’ll immediately resign from the Board of Olimpija.” says Čeferin.

And I find the below quote and the reporter’s comment also remarkable, because of its similarity to what Čeferin declared during or after the UEFA presidential election.

“I don’t depend on the current football officials, I will tackle problems without the burden of the past. Politically and financially I’m independent. Again, let me say, I have no football godfather, supporting my candidacy! Linking me with all kinds of names is getting on my nerves.” — Aleksander Čeferin

But in a small country like Slovenia, how else the sphere of influence of a man who often appears at the judicial courts — with some of the most hated faces in the country — can be perceived?

Well, he claims he does not depend on the current football officials, but he is nominated by 6 of 7 local municipal associations, whose executives of some are at the time also NZS VP’s, he is left comfortably alone in a sole candidate race, that’s quite a dependence.

He says he doesn’t have the burden of the past but his close affiliation being friends & clients with Franci Zavrl, Zoran & Jure Janković and Stane Oražem, reminds us there might indeed be a burden.

Stane Oražem, Then Head of MNZ Ljubljana Inter-municipal Association Actively Supported Čeferin

How can he be politically & financially independent, representing politicians like Borut Pahor, Simona Dimic and Zoran Janković and channeling financial resources to Olimpija Ljubljana executives Izet Rastoder and Francija Zavrla, in exchange of a board membership, their election support and unconditional silence.

Highly influential, bi-partisan politicians and dirty tycoons as clients

He says he has no football godfather, but Ljubljana Mayor and opposition leader, contreversial millionnaire Zoran Janković, — who built in August 2010 the Stožice Stadium for Olimpija Ljubljana, the club where he will conveniently land a board membership — is like a father to him and actively supported his candidacy.

(2008–2015) Čeferin with Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana and oppposition leader, a close family friend and a frequent client
Čeferin with Jure Janković, the Mayor’s son, again a close friend and client. Especially charged with corruption, tax fraud and money laundering during 2010–2012.

Here are the screenshots of the Google translated & original versions of the article for further reference