Why must that future begin?

By J. Jason Adams

12/19/21 0135 hours to 0245

“Why Mommy, are all these bicycles driving around?” Alexi asks inquisitively.

“Well son, back in 2016, a man by the name of Zack had a vision that one day, deliveries would be made by professionals and not by people driving cars.” Summer answered.

“He must have been very smart then Mommy because I like seeing the people pedal. Their legs go up and down like the old Carousel you used to take us to.” Alexi posited.

“That’s very observant Alexi! Yes, human dynamics are a wonderful way to learn about motion.” Summer stated encouraging Alexi with a raised eyebrow.

“Mommy?” He questioned.

“Yes, sweetie?” She asked.

“Why are there no more noisy cars? How come the only ones we get to see now are in the museums you take me to?”

“Well, we as a society finally and collectively said, ‘no more’. That was the beginning of the end of the antiquated gas-powered automobile as we know them today.

Alexi pondered this for a moment because even at fourteen he had seen so much change in his short existence that sometimes the history teacher had a hard time keeping up with all the changes.

“Mommy, is this why the big cars are only allowed on the interstates?” Alexi inquired.

“That’s correct son when we as a collective society decided to only allow human-controlled vehicles on the smaller streets, things changed rapidly. At ten years, we had made the transition. Many people fought against the ideas at the time, but even they now see how much better things are.” Summer recited again the lesson for Alexi.

“But Mommy, how come people fight against such great ideas? Just look at how much quieter it is now. I can breathe again and I feel safe walking to the store now.”

“See, it is a matter of human behavior. There are just some among us that can not see the ‘forest for the tree’ that is just standing there doing nothing but growing slowly. Their vision is blocked by a solid object and sometimes people just don’t want to look around the other side of the tree. Does that make sense, Alexi?”

“Yes, ma’am. It’s like when I want a new toy and I try and try to convince you that I MUST have it, and you say ‘not today’, maybe tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and I figured out a different way to ask, and you still say ‘not today’.”

“It feels like I need to look for a different way to get that new toy, but I can’t see a way around you.”

“I can see that son, but I may always change my mind. The tree only grows. It doesn’t move.” Summer pointed out.

“Right! But like the tree, you never budge, I never get the toy from you, but sometimes Dad will buy it for me! Because I see both trees and you are the toughest one!” Alexi tried to explain.

“Ok, I can see that now. But keep in mind the saying means that from a higher point of view, one can see better solutions to a problem than just standing motionless looking at the same immovable tree. Understand?” Summer attempted to explain further.

“But that’s what I meant on a smaller scale, Mommy. You and Dad stand together as one sometimes. Therefore I must look beyond you and convince Dad that I need that toy! Therefore, he becomes the action and you are the inaction!” Alexi further explained.

“Ok, I can see that version now. I guess this is the same trick you pull on your Grandparents also? When your father and I are together on not allowing you a particular toy?” Summer questioned.

“Yes, exactly! Because they are more easily convinced. It is how I got that new X Box 13! You and Dad said, ‘no’, I went to GrandPappy and explained how a new game machine would help me become a better player on my Esports team and he said, ‘sure Alexi, I can see that!’. And poof, a new console!”

“Alexi, sometimes this is referred to as ‘manipulation’! This is not the same thing!” Summer was aghast by her son’s confession.

“No Mommy! It’s seeing a bigger issue and resolving it without accepting that one or two immovable objects can’t be gotten around. I mean no harm, it is just that sometimes you and Dad can be kind myopic about my talents. I am good at my games, but I have to keep up with my teammates and the other players or I will not remain competitive! Do you understand Mommy?” Alexi felt heartbroken that he may have upset his mother.

“Yes son, I get that. But still, you have to be careful playing one person off another. Even if it is for the ‘better’. Because once you go down that path, sometimes you begin to not just see trees everywhere, you see too much of the forest. Only some issues can be resolved by one human.” Summer said, thinking she had just taught her son a valuable lesson.

“But Mommy, it is for the greater good. I get the tool that I need to practice. GrandPappy gets to feel fantastic providing me with something to enhance my talent, and as a side benefit you and Dad get soooo mad!” Alexi can’t take it anymore and begins to laugh hysterically!

“Son, what the fuck? Are you a monster?” And with that realization, Summer started laughing too.

Knowing that her very smart ass son was going to be OK in this world.

The end ~~~


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