Why you should Book CarhiregenieThe best Minibus Hire in London?

It’s true that travelling in Minibus Hire in London can be a nightmare sometimes, not to mention also a little tight on the pocket. Where on one side travelling through tubes can be highly overwhelming, you have Car Hire Genie with you the best minibus hire agency in London that has a massive range of commercial vans, minivans, all of which come at extremely genuine rates and very exciting weekend packages and deals.

Here are a few reasons why you should prefer carhiregenie over any other thing

· Massive Variety

Car Hire Genie has the one of the biggest variety of vehicles for minibus hire in London. Commercial vans ranging from 7, 9, 12 setters to 15 and 17 setters for all purposes are it travel or business are available for you.

· Genuine Rates

One of the most genuine rates in London, carhiregenie charges you just £7/ Hour for commercial vans. This is one of the cheapest rates in London for van rental.

· Discount offers and additional deals

On booking for a fortnight, you can get 2 days 100% off, moreover 10% and 25% off on weekly and monthly hire respectively.

We are also offering all vehicles in discount rates and afford able Prices and our services are in all the parts of center London and we are also offering services in 32 locations of Center London. We also give the promotions offers with affordable prices in all the center part of London and 32 locations of Center London us well

These are just a few good things about carhiregenie, the best van rental service in London, you can find out more on the website, carhiregenie.com

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