How a Car Rental from Keydrive Saved our Christmas

“Hi my name is Jason Richards, and I live just outside of Leatherhead with my wife Claire and our two daughters Chloe and Danielle.

I work as a Accounts Manager at local Accountancy Office and have been doing that for — well, eternity it seems like — but … about 12 years now and I’m 35 so got into when I was 23. Then 2 years later I met Claire so — yeah — I’d say my life has been running at a fair gallop.

Anyway, the story I share with Keydrive is pretty much one of the few times that my meticulous, near-OCD planning was thrown for a loop (at least that’s what I tell the wife anyway.)

2011, a week before Christmas Eve, we were getting ready for quite a holiday. I have several members of my extended family who live in Canada and — around the start of the year — I decided it would be great to take a trip out to Ontario to visit them with my family because most of them hadn’t met the kids, who were both 5 and 6.

Anyway, we spent most of the year cramming together some extra cash and spending money and talking it up with the folks over there. We were really, really excited — not just for ourselves but for the kids to spend Christmas in a snowy, winter playground.

Pretty much right on-cue and as I pulled my car — a Nissan Juke, which I thought could handle the winter months — into my garage the night before our flight out from the airport — a disaster.

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Something instinctively told me to double-check and try the car to make sure and …

… No sign of life. My heart sank as I tried not scream swears as I turned the ignition in disbelief with no joy. There was no way I could get this fixed quickly enough to battle through motorway traffic late and get everyone through check-in.

All the planning and energy that we’d poured into our big Christmas family getaway was sabotaged down to some as-yet unknown fault with my car — ‘damn it!’ I thought; ‘What can I tell the kids? They wanted to see Reindeer’ … Hell I wanted to see reindeer — I was really mad.

Telling Claire didn’t help me feel any better, but she did at least set me onto the idea of looking for a car to borrow. Quickly jumping online, I searched through car rental firms — checking ratings — and wondering if we’d have to struggle with hiring a cab which was not acceptable.

I couldn’t see ourselves panicking for a cab to turn-up, dump us off at the airport late and then come back with all our luggage, tired from travel only to struggle to snag a taxi again. No — I wouldn’t have the kids stressed out like that.

That’s when I found Keydrive site, and I jumped on them because they were relatively local and highly regarded for their service. I punched their contact number into mobile and called them almost right on the edge of their closing hours. I got through to someone who was ‘just’ about to leave and I basically ran him over with all my concerns and the whole sad story.

The coolest thing, though? After listening to me vent frustration and upset he said, quite simply;

“I have a car. I just need some details from you and I’ll bring it to you myself.”

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Bear in mind this is after-hours and I was adamant that nobody was going to put their neck out this late to help.

Around quarter-to-eleven at night, a car pulled up and — in my pyjamas and bleary-eyed from not wanting to sleep until I was sure everything was alright — I threw the rental guy a big hug, gave him 20 quid and told him we would be going for a beer when I got back.

I honestly can’t tell you how relieving it was to be on the plane, on-time and with everything going according to my — rather flimsy but salvageable — plans. The holiday was fantastic — the we and the kids saw Reindeer, travelled to Niagara Falls and had more snow-ball fights than enough but — most importantly — we got to share Christmas Eve and lots of presents with people we hadn’t seen in years.

It wouldn’t have happened with that Keydrive guy going above-and-beyond for us.” Click here for more detail.

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