Beyond the ‘Valleys and Alleys’ to find media innovation
Francesco Marconi

In college a professor once told us not to pursue careers in media. As creative writing majors in our final year, that was a pretty shitty day. Looking back though, I totally get it. He was watching the lives of friends and colleagues being demolished by technology that seemed too fluid and fickle to support the sort of media career that he was familiar with. That mindset, and the corresponding frenzy to grasp at any straw that might keep your career or company afloat in the digital wash, is a symptom of the unprecedented success and longevity achieved by the legacy formats. This post is a great reminder that media has always been fluid and fickle, it will continue to be, and that’s the whole point of it. Our job isn’t just to communicate, we have to figure out how to communicate more effectively.

So, thanks. Well said!

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