Activity Books Can Help Your Kids Build & Grow Skills This Summer, And Here’s How.

Activity books are the fun engaging way to get your child learning this summer.
  1. Activity books are awesome because you can feel good about setting you kids up with them and letting your kids entertain themselves. They are the perfect way to fight summer boredom without putting your kid in front of the TV for hours.
Caribu is available in the app store and has a wide selection of activity books to choose from.

2. Language and literacy skills need constant development, working on puzzles, games, or pictures gives kids the chance to learn new words and use descriptive words to talk about what is happening in their drawing or how it makes them feel. This can help them learn to talk about their emotions and even develop critical thinking skills.

3. Summer learning might make your kids groan but activity books are a sneaky way to keep up their reading, writing, and even math skills over summer. Logic games, puzzles, and even coloring are all great ways to stimulate kids.

4. Activity books are a great way to spend quality time together. Workbooks and coloring can be collaborative activities that allow you and your child to create something fridge-worthy together.

5. There’s something for everyone in activity books. They come in a wide range of topics and can cover everything from the alphabet to science. Many even feature characters kids will recognize from their favorite books and shows.

Caribu lets you take an entire library wherever you go.

6. Coloring activities help kids develop their fine motor skills, helps kids learn to recognize colors, and even aids in developing hand-eye coordination. Learning to stay in the lines while coloring helps kids recognize patterns, a pre reading and pre-math skill.

7.Using Activity books requires kids to concentrate on one task which can improve a child’s concentration skills. Spending time coloring can teach kids how to focus on a task and learn to be patient.

8. For kids that can’t write yet or just have difficulty writing neatly workbooks are an awesome way to improve their handwriting. While they’re coloring and solving puzzles they are also learning the best way to hold a pencil and improving their hand strength and dexterity.

Coloring helps kids improve everything from their creative skills to their hand-eye coordination.

9. Activity books can instill a sense of achievement in kids. Over summer there are not many opportunities for kids who are motivated by successfully completing a task. Activity books remedy this by giving them a task with clear instructions. Completing a few pages in an activity book can help establish a sense of accomplishment in kids.

10. Traveling can be such a hassle. Kids get bored on long trips and need something more engaging than the same 3 movies you have in the car. Caribu makes traveling with an e-library of more than 200 books easier than ever and with our large selection of activity books kids will never be bored.

If you are on an iOS enabled device you can download Caribu here!

If you have an Android device you can learn more about Caribu here!

Written by Rachel Gambach: Intern @Caribu, editor & contributor for Caribu’s blog and student at UCF

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