How to Use Technology Effectively With Kids.

Technology can be an amazing tool for kids that allows them to play, learn, and connect with others. Education is evolving while kids learn a lot at school there is a lot of learning to be done at home. Using the internet allows kids and parents to tailor education to fit each child’s needs and interests. Apps that are designed with kids in mind can make learning feel like a game. Kids that have trouble feeling engaged in a classroom setting may find that apps can supplement what they need to know for school. The short term goals presented in most children’s apps help kids develop the skills to think ahead and problem solve.

  • Technology is becoming a huge component of all our lives. It has changed everything about the way we communicate. Confidence working with tech is essential for children’s later success.
  • Kids who might struggle with traditional learning methods can benefit greatly from interactive platforms that allow them to learn at their own pace.
  • Screen time can help foster developing language skills and can even encourage children to learn a second language.
  • At home learning on apps can allow kids to expand their horizons and learn subjects their schools are not covering.

Technology can allow kids to explore interests that school is not covering. Many schools have faced budget cuts that have cut back time spent on arts, music, and foreign languages. Kids who lack exposure to these areas are missing out. Other schools have been slow to adapt to a changing world where technology is increasingly important. Skills like coding, or video editing, and knowledge of robotics, and computer science are increasingly valuable. Technology and apps can help kids learn to read, play the piano, code, speak a second language, or put together videos.

Summer learning is just as important as learning during the school year. Kids can lose up to 25% of what they learned during the school year in a phenomenon known as “summer slide.” Technology is essential to supplementing learning over summer and other school breaks. Kids need to keep up the momentum of their learning or they face losses that can add up over time and contribute to the achievement gap.

While the benefits are fantastic, parents might still worry over how kids can safely use the internet. Many apps aimed at kids have in-app purchases, and other features parents would rather not have their kids access. Caribu is an app that allows families to read together no matter the distance. The books in the app are available for purchase by adults only. Parents or grandparents can make purchases, or add contacts ensuring that children are only able to access contacts their parent has added.

The internet has made the world more accessible for everyone. Caribu is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to ensure their kids are getting in at least 15 minutes of reading a day. Our platform allows families to read together and stay connected regardless of distance. Our library offers over 200 books, in 6 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish. When kids are well versed in the intricacies of technology they have a world of opportunity to grow and learn right at their fingertips.

If you are on an iOS enabled device you can download Caribu here!

If you are not you can learn more about Caribu here!

Written by Rachel Gambach Intern @Caribu, editor & contributor for Caribu’s blog and student at UCF.

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