Scrambling for a Mother’s Day gift? Give her the gift of some time off.

Mothers work hard every day to ensure their children get the best education possible. Parents know that reading with children sets the foundation for strong learning abilities. This Mother’s Day, lend a hand to mothers with small children by taking the time to read to their child, giving mom a much needed break. Fathers, Step-Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and siblings can all play a vital role in establishing a child’s early education.

• Reading together can strengthen a child’s relationship with an adult and helps children feel that they are important people worthy of spending time with.

• Small moments of quality time can have a great impact on both a child’s future skills and their relationships with others.

• Children’s brains develop the most in their first 3 years, making early education an important factor in determining future success.

• Extra attention and early education can improve a child’s quality of life through adulthood.

  • Just 15 minutes of reading out loud a day are enough to encourage children’s language development and literacy skills.

A well-read child is a gift that keeps giving as children who start reading early tend to go on to have success in their future education, social skills, and even financial pursuits. Read a tale of magic to a kid who is always bouncing off the walls. Ignite their love for reading and appreciation of you by picking books that feature exciting adventures and mystical creatures. For family and friends with less time to spare during the day, reading a bedtime story is the perfect way to bond with a child and ensure they get enough reading time in every night. Older kids can pick books themselves and even practice their reading skills with you. Spend time working together to read and understand fun books. With the skills a child learns from you, they can surprise their mom by taking the lead and reading a bedtime story to her.

• Fathers can take the reigns this Mother’s Day and expand children’s reading material by introducing them to books they haven’t tried yet.

• Siblings can take turns picking books and spend time reading together to reinforce their bond and give mom some time to herself. No fighting allowed!

• Extended family members of families with more than one mother have twice the incentive to spend time reading to their grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Let moms enjoy some time off while you work on children’s basic skills with fun activity books.

Mothers come in many different forms and lead unique lives, this Mother’s Day we celebrate that diversity with books that feature creativity and celebrate the magic of reading. Busy moms deserve a day off this year and Caribu is perfect for moms who need a break. Sit back and relax while family and friends read to your children no matter where you or they are. Or use your day off to celebrate your bond with your children and spend time reading together. Relax knowing that your children are learning and growing, nurtured by the educational power of reading. Our gift to you this Mother’s Day is our up to 70% off sale on books in our bedtime and magic categories. Mothers put in work every day to ensure their kids have the most opportunities and best advantages life can offer but families and friends can step in too. It takes a village to raise a child. Invite your village on Caribu to help this Mother’s Day.

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Written by Rachel Gambach Intern @Caribu, writer & editor of Caribu’s blog and student at UCF.