Confetti Stars

When the young curlyhead smashed her rubber shoes into the puddle, thousands of drops have fallen to pieces ower the grey bitumen. The sonorous laugh reached the heart of the nature, birds rushed helter-skelter skywards, water wraping their plumage, making the destination harder and harder, the loud cry spread around the trees, as if frightened, the rain poured down, starting small outgrowing to the storm. Red umbrella was opened by the mother, wishing to find the shelter for her and her doughter. Running from side to side, writhing from wet wind grabbing her hair, putting them ower the face.

The small lila iris grew from the bowels of the earth, pulling there thin green hands heavenward. They sang a calming melody, stopping the storm, bringing the lights of a sone back to life, taming them as a wild cat, till they smiled and purred trough the cloudes. The melody cuddled the wet woman into the warm embrace, resting her heart in piece. Wet ugly chicken came to be a gorgeus angel, lovingly carrying her child in the soft white hands. The curlyhead was soundlessly asleep. The quiet tender voice joined the orchestra of…

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