Fancy to Go for a Swim in Plastic? No? ..Well, You will Miss-Out on a Life-Changing Experience!

There is nothing new about the continuously disturbing news of plastics filling our ‘litter’ oceans, with pictures showing cute, little turtles trapped in plastic. Without any doubt — it’s tears-dropping, when seeing turtles and other marine mammals being trapped in ocean plastic, not being able to escape and thus having to drag their load around them until they die. Due to human activity we got into this overwhelming plastic pollution crisis. Every one of us has taken part in littering our oceans. But I dare say, nobody fancies to swim like those cute, little turtles in plastic. Yet, I would, and I believe you wouldn’t miss-out either on this life-changing experience.

Swim in Ocean Plastic like a Sea Turtle

Having lived in some colder regions in past years, my first summer in Heidelberg was intensely hot for me. In those passing few weeks, all I would have loved to do was swimming in an ocean to cool off and get back to work with a refreshed mind. Yet, with my PhD research project running next to some stressful time at work, all I had was some weekends off in Bavaria. Obviously, I took my chance, and went out for some ‘swimsuit’ shopping before springing into one of our many glacier lakes. My favourite one is Staffelsee in Upper Bavaria, situated 70 km south of Munich at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Of course, in this enchanting spot you wouldn’t likely see any ocean plastic swimming next to you — apart from me bringing it along. My new adidas Parley swimsuit, made from recycled ocean plastics!

Swimming in Plastic is just Great!

That said, you’ll have to try it. I love adidas — and yes, I confess I am brand-conscious and what’s more really proud of adidas! Adidas with Parley for the oceans is calling on every one of us — global retail industry stakeholders and the society to unite in the movement against marine plastic pollution. The global sportswear company with its partner Parley and stakeholders has proven, by producing high performance sportswear, such as shoes and swimwear from recycled ocean plastics and fishing nets, that collaborative engagement enables the fostering of sustainability. So, are You IN to take action: in cleaning-up our oceans? ..and in taking care of never letting plastic waste reach our oceans?

The Plastic Challenge.

The United Nations Environmental Program estimated that more than 51 trillion microplastic particles were in our oceans in 2017. But where does all this microplastic particles come from? The accumulation of plastic waste in landfills or disposal in the natural environment ends-up and breaks-down eventually in the ocean. With just a small percentage of all plastic waste recycled.

Obviously, ocean plastic is a growing global problem. While the global economy is growing, and product consumption is increasing, the need for better waste management and pollution prevention is given. Let’s face it, there are two options: either we are embracing transformation in consumption and production/supply activities, or eventually swim in plastic?

Where my PhD Research Activities might Lead me to…

In the era of the empowered consumer, I am currently questioning myself on how can collaborative engagement in retail value chain networks identify opportunities for sustainability innovation on (plastic) waste and pollution? And how can the retail industry empower consumers and provide global solutions to ensure sustainable consumption and production/supply chain patterns?

But, what intrigues me most this summer while writing up my second blog: What would you chose: plastic that swims with you — or you swim in plastic? — I believe your choice goes for swimming in an adidas and Parley swimsuit! Go, give it a try and do something good and right. See You for a Swim!

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