We spend too much of our lives focusing on what we don’t have, rather than on what we do have.

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A few nights ago I stumbled upon a folder of photos from my 18th birthday party, taken exactly ten years ago.

As I swiped through photo after photo, I couldn’t believe how happy and young my friends and high school colleagues were. With sadness, I realised that I’d lost touch with a lot of them.

I went back to social media and added people that I’d previously deleted back when I was ‘cleaning up’ my facebook friend list. Having moved to the other side of the continent for university, I hadn’t seen some of them in a decade.

So I…

Relocating to a different country means leaving everything and everyone behind, and taking a leap into the unknown

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I left home at 19, moving from Eastern Europe to UK for university. I left to take my chance at a better life.

It wasn’t always an easy or straightforward journey. In fact, at times it was bumpier than I could ever imagine.

But overall it was a journey of self-discovery, of taking chances and most importantly, of growing up in the most real sense of the word.

I laughed, I cried, I travelled, worked hard and learned so much about the world and people around me.

Initially, UK felt like a foster home away from my real home, as…

Reaching peace in the midst of anxiety is the first step to quiet your noisy mind.

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The world we live in is filled with constant distractions and noise. Technology has evolved to the point where we can’t escape giant touchscreens, late-night e-mails, social media, 24/7 news reports and flashy ads.

Couple that with never-ending to-do-lists, the rush of the modern life and a demanding job, and that can make anyone of us feel anxious.

When experiencing anxiety one is ambushed by a ‘storm’ of feelings including pins and needles in their left arm, palpitations, headaches as well as shortness of breath and panic.

The root of anxiety normally lies in following one’s noisy mind with negative…

Night time can be the most creative interval for your next big idea.

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One of the trickiest parts about writing is coming up with good ideas for future articles.

Since joining Medium 4 months ago, I’ve been putting together an ever-growing list of article ideas.

Every time inspiration hits, any idea that pops into my head, be it good or bad, goes onto that list.

Then, I revisit the list of ideas time and time again, getting rid of the ones that will likely flunk as articles, and keeping the ones that have potential to become good ideas.

Getting good ideas for articles can happen any time of day — first thing in…

A cat is more than just a pet — it is a playmate, a companion and a big source of love and inner peace.

Jerry — Personal archive

The one thing that I always regretted about my childhood was not having a pet. I remember how I often asked my parents for one, but for multiple reasons, they never got me one.

Don’t get me wrong, my childhood was one of the happiest a person could hope for. But the only thing that really missed from it was a little furry animal to love and play with.

Five years after I left home for uni my parents did, eventually, get a cat — a little adorable black and white male cat that I named Jerry.

Needless to say…

The idea of obtaining a doctoral degree can be a very appealing prospect, but have you given it a good enough deal of thought?

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My decision to start a series about PhD life stems from my own exciting and sometimes bumpy experience doing a 4-year degree, and the desire to have read some solid advice and honest opinions before and during the degree itself.

One of the most important things in the beginning is the decision to pursue a PhD in your favourite subject.

Before actually applying, let’s slow things down a notch.

Have you weighed the decision carefully? Have…

A nostalgic and emotional, albeit unoriginal at times, conclusion to the latest Star Wars series


*** Warning – major spoilers ahead***

We all watch movies for different reasons. When we come home after a long day at work and want some easy-on-the-mind entertainment. Sometimes we watch them when we’re bored and have nothing better to do. Or when the topic is interesting and we want to learn something new. We watch them when we’re sick in bed and want to feel more positive. Or even because they’re just on in the background whilst doing chores.

The main reason movies are…

In a world constantly striving for perfection, we seem to have forgotten how failing actually helps us develop and become better.

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Failure is a natural part of life.

To fail is human. Not failing would equate to perfection, and that is one quality that nobody possesses.

Many famous people have documented the normality of failing. Einstein, one of the most brilliant minds of the Physics world, equated never making mistakes with never trying anything new. Imagine what a dull life that would be. Winston Churchill, who led the British Empire in World War II, a time of unimaginable hardships, defined…

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I can’t help but get a sense of deja vu as I live through the post-election events unfolding. It feels eerily like a repeat of June 24th 2016, the day after the Brexit referendum.

In a lot of ways, yesterday was just like that day. Half the people in the country who backed the Labour, Lib Dem and SNP parties are now astounded by the crushing Tory victory that just occurred in the UK, and hopeless at the prospect of an additional 5 years of Conservative rule — this time at ‘full speed ahead’ for Boris Johnson.

I woke up…

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We all know what the five pillars of a healthy relationship are: Love, Respect, Trust, Honesty, and last but not least — the dreaded one — Compromise.

As a general rule, break any of the above-mentioned rules for a functional relationship, and you are in for a swift end.

Like it or not, when you stick two people together in a couple, sparks will fly — and I don’t just mean the good kind of sparks. Every couple undoubtedly find that once the honeymoon phase is over problems start to rear their ugly heads up and the fighting begins.


Carina Nicu

PhD science graduate writing about life, self-improvement and love. Connect with me on Twitter https://twitter.com/CarinaNicu

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