Generation Z and all the pressure behind — Edition 1: Studying during a pandemic

First of all — for everyone not knowing anything about the topic — Generation Z is the generation in our society aged 11 to 24 years. Our generation is not quantified as the biggest one. But straightforward I would say we are the most important one. The most important one for the future ahead and this is why I will start writing about all the problems and worries that go along with our generation and the mistakes made by the generations before.

Because I worry about our future.

Our future is in a great danger because the responsibility is pushed to us and at our age we are clearly not able to change all the dangerous points till it haunts us. And for sure, the mistakes being made will haunt us and destroy this beautiful little bubble we created over hundreds of years.

As we know it all — we had and still have an worldwide pandemic the last two years- I know we had to secure the weak part of our society. We had to protect millions of lives who were in a concrete danger of death or longtime illness and we still have to protect them. And for good health is the most important topic we could ever deal with (but this comes later).

I am so disappointed about the main part of our society just forgetting about us — Generation Z. We are the future and we had to deal with this whole pandemic on our own. And it is still not over yet.

I am — more or less- born and raised in a more privileged way. I never had to worry about my education: going to school, joining the college afterwards and so on. I am still studying and I hope I will graduate for sure. I am part of the big target group of the politics. When there is an election campaign in an industrial country- our target group is adressed as the BIG HOPE for the future. We are forced to study (I definitely know which privilege this is and I really don’t want to abuse anyone with this statement because you will get what I want to say), to earn money and get successful. Simply and easy — to hold the prosperity of the industrial countries on its well-secured level. This is the joke of the whole situation since 2020 because our generation shall cushion the economic crises due to the pandemic. But how are we supported?

That’s the question. No one supports us. We shall study, earn money, be successful — but we are not even recognized in this pandemic. So many of us get depressed due to the social isolation, a few cancelled their careers because they weren’t able to get this whole studies done — alone and helpless- at home or in a new city where they moved to experience the study life — but plottwist: the expected experience never happened (thanks politics).

Okay, the worst thing about this is that there is no hope it will change in a few months. I study law and learn a lot about the democratic system, the elections, the whole system we are living in — of cause I learn it all on my own- but I always ask myself, why weren’t we ask how we would like to help us in this special situation?

I mean I shall earn the money for the pension of the baby boomer generation (mainly the generation which is active in the high position of politics worldwide) and I can’t even say that I will be able to graduate because I have to do this whole studies on my own. And there are so many people thinking the exact same thing. What I want to say with the confusing thoughts of mine right here — I wish someone in a great position would have said — just one time…

“We need to support our hope for the future, our hope to change the world to a better and greater world- OUR GENERATION Z- to get this whole shit done. To get the graduation, stay focused and motivated — for us- because we need them so bad in our future when we are getting old and are physically just not able anymore to change anything for the better.”. But no.

We were forgetten and the dramatic conclusion of this knowledge is — when we are able to change something- it will be too late.

This is the first edition of my series coming up — the next topics will be more despiteful and more important for everyone on this world — not just for us privileged little people who are trying to fix the system of the industrial countries. If you want to follow my opinions on the real topics like climate change, racism and the big need of equal treatment — stay here and we will discuss. Maybe one day we can change something before its too late.



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