The Amazing Transformation

I need a degree to know how to become a software Developer. This is a myth most have believed for a very long time. So in campus we have this genius notion running in our minds. Damn, we made it to campus, Computer science major and everyone in the streets praises us for doing the hardest course on earth making us walk head high. This being a world class university I expect to walk out of here and land a job at Google. I really wanted to join google after watching ‘The Internship’. If you haven’t watched it, please do. Then 2016 is here but all I had mastered (self taught by the way) was front end so every time I was afraid of even using the title software Developer.

So I watched the movie again and I was inspired to join andela. Collaboration here is key and I need people in this journey of becoming a world class developer. Andela was the answer and here I am. The environment, the people. Everything about Andela is amazing and this is where my transformation begins. Watch me.

Oh my my my. I can’t forget to mention how happy I was when I got the congratulations mail. The day is finally here and i’m welcomed by breakfast at around 8, good breakfast to be precise. Then my best part of the day: the workout. I got to know a few people here and there, the guys here are fun. The work out was fun. It was a mixture of singing, physical exercise and mind boggling exercises that made one get to know people, interact and also be accustomed to the Andelan environment.

After the workout the boot camp actually began, there were talks from different people to equate everyone with what we had come to do and the rules of the boot camp. The talks were great, at least I had known a few people here and there. The most inspiring area for me was finally meeting the amazing female programmers Joy, Oliver and Margie. I acme here with an intention of being one of the best Female coders in an area dominated by men so this was one of my happiest days.

The questions flew left right and center and being the kind of person who likes keeping it cool on the first day, I was quiet for a while. I choose to keep quiet and learn the rules of the game. The code writing, the mastery of the code, the questions to be answered and the interaction. My team members were so good I wish I could make them my second family, they actually helped me crack up and within no time I was very active, my eyes pooped out and it was more than learning but also interacting. This is the only place you exchange contacts with more than five people and plan to meet later in order to assist each other in this area of learning. I enjoyed every second at Andela and highly looking forward for better and challenging times.

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